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Sleeping when you are in a bad mood may seem to distract your mind from troubles and problems, but it will make you think more. All the unfinished problems that you don’t want to think about, even when you sleep, will stay in your head.

In your daily life, some situations may occur outside of your schedule. The meanings you assign to events and situations throughout the day can lead to disappointment from time to time, and you begin to feel your emotions more intensely. In the face of problems and problems, these steps are not a solution, even though people often prefer to walk away, ignore them and run away in search of a solution. This way, the person is not taking a step toward a solution because the problem and issues are still there.

Sleeping while in a bad mood gives your brain a rest, but when you wake up, all your negative thoughts will start where they left off and make you think more. While you sleep, you may think that you get away from problems and troubles, but this is not healthy. Studies and studies have shown that sleep makes your life experiences more memorable and increases the effectiveness of emotions. When it comes to negative events and situations in your life, choosing to sleep will make you try to protect the event and the emotional response you are experiencing. In short, sleeping does not improve your morale, on the contrary, it can make you unhappier.

So what should you do to be healthy instead of sleeping when you’re depressed?

– Realize the basis of the situation that disturbs you morally, take steps for a solution and take responsibility. Instead of moving away from the problem, take steps to fix it.
– Remember how you have dealt with problems and problems in the past in your life.
– Wear comfortable clothes and try to spend time in a social place or outside. For example; cafe, library, park, beach or garden.
– List the situations that upset your morale on a piece of paper. Create alternative thoughts for each item you write.
– Don’t distance yourself from people. Try to contact your friends and spend time with them in a social setting.
– Benefit from the experience of similar people who have experienced the problems you are experiencing.
– If the situation that upsets you is your bilateral relations, have a direct conversation with the person with whom you have the problem. Experience a calm conversation in which you express your feelings and thoughts.

Specialized psychologist Kaan Üçyıldız said: “The most important thing is that you can encounter problems and problems at any time of your life, but you have to take responsibility for solving problems. Think about the problems, create alternatives, get ideas from your environment and apply the solution that works best for you. So take a step, move, but remember that sleeping is not the solution. Sleeping only gives rest to the soul and body, but it doesn’t solve the problems, it doesn’t solve the problems,” he said.

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