Don’t throw away the watermelon seeds, witness the miracle!

Nutrition and diet specialist Dietician Sena Genç made a groundbreaking statement by emphasizing that consuming watermelon, one of the most popular fruits of the summer season, with its seeds is very beneficial. Dietitian Young stated that the watermelon core has many unknown health benefits and stated that there is no difference between chewing the watermelon core or swallowing it directly, contrary to traditional habits. For this reason, he said that consuming 1 handful of watermelon seeds per day can be very beneficial for health.


Dietitian Sena Genç stated that watermelon seeds have properties that improve skin health. He explained that thanks to the magnesium they contain, watermelon seeds improve the general appearance of the skin and are used in skin conditions such as eczema, which is good for dry and itchy skin. He also stated that due to their zinc content, watermelon seeds act as a moisturizer for dull and dry skin and can slow down the aging process. Dietitian Genç said that watermelon seeds play an important role in hair health and stated that watermelon seeds, which are rich in nutrients such as protein, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper, help strengthen hair and support hair growth by improving hair quality to improve. He also added that thanks to the manganese in the seeds, it can prevent hair loss and damage.


Nutrition and diet specialist Dietitian Sena Genç stated that watermelon seeds are also beneficial for heart health. He said watermelon seeds, which have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and vasodilator (widening of blood vessels) properties, can contribute to a healthy heart and are rich in zinc. Dietitian Sena Genç drew attention to watermelon seeds as a nutrient that supports nervous system health, stating that watermelon seeds, being a rich source of B vitamins, help protect brain and nervous system health. He also stated that it can be helpful in cases such as emotional state disorders and dementia.


According to the statements of dietician Sena Genç, watermelon seeds stand out as an important source for the male reproductive system. Watermelon seeds contain high amounts of zinc and may help improve sperm quality, the most common problem in male infertility. Finally, dietician Genç, who stated that watermelon seeds are also effective in accelerating metabolism, stated that they are rich in nutrients such as folic acid, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium, amino acids and vitamin B complex. He emphasized that these nutrients help regulate the body’s natural metabolism and increase its rate. These statements by food and nutritionist dietician Sena Genç show that consuming watermelon with seeds can provide many health benefits. However, if you have a health problem or special condition, it is important to consult a specialist dietician. Consumption of watermelon seeds should also be moderate and not excessive.

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