Drink lots of water for glowing skin

Medicana Bursa Hospital Dermatology Specialist, who expressed the precautions for skin health in the spring. Dr Gülbiye Güler said: “Skin cleansing is very important for glowing skin at the beginning of spring. For this, the skin should be cleaned of dead tissues and foreign materials with various peelings and skin care. These procedures should be carried out according to the structure of the The cleansed skin is cleared of black spots and thus becomes more radiant. “The skin that dries out in winter needs to be hydrated. Moisturizers should not contain parabens, alcohol, etc., according to the skin type, and should not be comedogenic. Humidifiers should contain products containing collagen, amino acids, keratin and hyaluronic acid, which have regenerative, restorative and water-retaining properties, especially for dry skin.” Claiming that the ingested foods have an effect on the skin, Dr. Güler noted that by feeding on fruits and vegetables that contain abundant antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C and E, the skin is repaired and refreshed.Dermatology specialist Dr. Gülbiye Güler stated that by eating fish and walnuts containing omega-3, skin can look brighter.


According to Dr. Gülbiye Güler said: We should drink 10-12 glasses of water a day to make our skin look more radiant. To increase blood circulation and thus make the skin glow, take a 40-45 minute walk in the open air per day. Since fatigue, insomnia and stress cause a dull, pale and swollen appearance to the skin, one should sleep well and well and lie on one’s back to avoid the formation of sleep lines on the face. Stress should be avoided. We all go outside when the sun shows itself in the spring, but to protect the skin from blemishes, wrinkles and skin cancer, which are the harmful effects of the sun, at least 20 minutes before we leave the house, one should apply sunscreens that are suitable for skin types on our sun-exposed areas. In addition to personal care products, support can be requested from your dermatologist during the spring months. You can get glowing skin with mesotherapy consisting of vitamin blends, PRP prepared from your own blood, hyaluronic acid injections that moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles.

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