‘Driving without sleep causes accidents’

Emphasizing that a good night’s sleep and adequate sleep are very important before leaving, Akdur said: “Driving without sleep causes many problems for drivers, such as difficulty concentrating, lack of attention and distraction, reduced reflexes, hand and foot incompatibility. Especially long-term drivers Insomnia is a very, very big risk factor for road accidents,” he said.
Akdur stated that sleep-inducing drugs should absolutely not be used for the road and warned people who drive:

“Drunk on the road, driving a vehicle is a very great danger. People who drive drunk put their own lives, the lives of their babies, children, spouses, families and relatives in the vehicle, as well as everyone else in traffic is in great danger. It is also very important for people who drive long distances to take regular breaks, take short walks during breaks, breathe air and stimulate blood circulation with hand, neck and foot movements. diabetics should also talk to their doctor and get their advice before you leave.

Loss of vision or visual field loss in the eyes for any reason leads to traffic accidents. An ophthalmologist check-up can be life-saving, especially before a long journey. Air conditioners in cars cause burns and dry eyes. The sun’s rays also pose a major risk to motorists. For this reason it is very important to use quality and UV filtered sunglasses.

Cigarettes cause many diseases and many health problems with thousands of harmful chemicals it contains. Smoking in the vehicle also poses a risk to the eyes due to the density of smoke it produces. Talking, texting and using a cell phone while driving can be fatal. Please follow all traffic regulations so that our Ramadan celebration and our travels do not result in traffic accidents, great pain and, God forbid, deaths. For our health, for our lives, for our families and our children, let’s not speed, let’s make sure everyone in the vehicle is wearing seat belts. We should never put our babies and young children in the front or on our laps. We should never pick them up while driving. Let’s take all necessary precautions so that they can travel safely and in the backseat.”

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