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The continuous rise in temperature and the occurrence of thousands of natural disasters in recent years make clear the consequences of climate change. So much so that the increase in the world’s population increases the demand for goods and services and triggers global warming by multiplying the damage that business causes to the environment.

According to data collected by Travel Perk from various sources, while 90% of business leaders draw attention to the importance of sustainability, only 60% of companies are adopting strategies in this direction. Only 49% develop climate-friendly products or services. On the other hand, studies indicate that this picture may improve in the future.


As the importance of environmentally sound management of business processes becomes critical, according to a survey of 850 companies worldwide, 80% of these companies plan to invest more in sustainability. Many countries encourage businesses to adopt sustainable practices by enacting various laws in this area. Turkey is one of these regions. Finally, the digitization of companies’ invoicing processes, the basis of which was laid in 2010, has been made mandatory as of July, according to the message in the Staatsblad. In this way, the aim is to prevent companies from wasting paper.

Companies that are obliged to switch to the e-invoicing system are listed as follows:

Those with gross sales of 500 thousand TL or more in 2022

Hotels that provide accommodation services by obtaining investment or operating certificates from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and municipalities

Those who build, manufacture, buy, sell or lease real estate or motor vehicles with gross sales of 500 thousand TL for 2022 or subsequent financial years

Those who sell goods or services on websites or in any other electronic medium


Companies that switch to e-invoicing applications can save on many things by automating their financial processes while contributing to sustainability. Hakan Bulgurlu, founder of WEGS, the Pre-Accounting Program, states that tailor-made solutions can be offered based on the needs of companies with the e-invoicing system and explains the benefits of these systems to companies. These are the advantages of the e-invoice and pre-accounting system for companies!

Reduces costs: It reduces companies’ paper, ink, postal and storage costs.

It speeds up and simplifies processes: E-billing and accounting systems automate repetitive employee tasks. It simplifies business processes by integrating documents.

It reduces the error rate: It minimizes human errors on financial documents.

It saves time: It shortens collection times by ensuring that payments are made quickly. This saves time.

Increases accessibility: Provides secure access to documents and reduces the time to reach documents.

It guarantees safety: It maximizes security by preventing document loss and unauthorized access by third parties.


E-invoicing and pre-accounting programs enable companies to properly evaluate their resources. So it reduces costs and speeds up processes. However, it is necessary to get support from professional teams to avoid the problems that can arise in this digitization process. Because while it is necessary to follow a series of steps from the creation of an invoice to the archiving period, it is crucial to adapt them to the business models of the enterprises. Today, cloud-based accounting tools such as the Web Integrated General Ledger System (WEGS) are facilitating the business transition process. At the same time, it takes on many responsibilities and reduces the workforce.

E-invoice and cloud-based pre-accounting programs enable companies to use simple, flexible and secure methods in their financial processes. So what else does it offer?

– Facilitates invoice tracking.

– It paves the way for making up-to-date financial decisions.

-Creates solutions for overdraft, inventory, product and service, financial reporting, warehouse, quote, sales, and workforce management.

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