Early diagnosis of peritoneal cancer saves lives

Peritoneal surgeon, founder of the Türkiye Peritoneal Center, Prof. Dr. Emel Canbay made statements about peritoneal cancer. Many international doctors attended the meeting where current treatment methods for peritoneal cancer were explained. The importance of early diagnosis was also emphasized at the meeting at Istinye University.

“If you have indigestion, loss of appetite, swelling in the abdomen and feet, you should see a doctor”

Giving information on peritoneal (peritoneal membrane) cancer, Prof Dr Emel Canbay said: “We can actually think of the peritoneum as a sheet that covers the inside of the abdomen. The importance of this type of cancer was not realized until late in recognized in the 1980s. These patients usually present to the hospital with symptoms such as indigestion, inability to eat or drink, loss of appetite, swelling of the abdomen and swelling of the feet.” For the determination of surgery or intra-abdominal treatments they should apply to the departments performing peritoneal surgery. Those who complain of indigestion, those who have gastroscopy for their stomach, those who have a clear colonoscopy for the colon, or those who have a disease should consult the places where peritoneal surgery is performed for advanced treatment options, and get an opinion. Prof. Dr. Canbay also said that all the latest publications support the success of those who are only involved in this business.

“If treatment is delayed, the disease can be fatal”

Saying the disease is not hereditary, Canbay said, “If the cancer that starts in an organ grows insidiously and reaches the outside of the organ, it leaves cancer cells in the abdomen and causes this condition that we call peritoneal cancer. Actually, this is this disease is common in Turkey and in the world, but unfortunately these patients are lost before they can be diagnosed. In addition, only systemic chemotherapy in the treatment of diagnosed patients causes a delay in treatment towards the goal. This situation links our hands and poor, because it is reflected late in the classical protocols. It can be fatal,” he said.

“Early diagnosis increases the chance of success in treatment”

Noting that the likelihood of success in treating peritoneal cancer increases with early diagnosis, Prof. Dr. Emel Canbay said: “Treatments such as intraperitoneal chemotherapy have been applied to the abdomen, and the success rate varies depending on the organ in which the disease If this patient is ovarian cancer, a 65 percent success rate can be achieved. If this is a cancer of the peritoneum, a 65 percent success rate can be achieved. Colon “With cancer and mesothelioma, a 40 percent success rate can be achieved. of success. With treatment after early diagnosis, peritoneal cancer is no longer fatal.”

Claiming that the chances of receiving treatment increase with early diagnosis, Yale University Head of the Department of Surgical Oncology, Dr. Kiran Turaga, on the other hand, said, “It is very important for the patient to meet with the surgeon about the peritoneum in case of peritoneal cancer. Treatment at an early stage increases the chances of success. The treatment program applied after early diagnosis saves lives.”

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