Earthquake survivors have trouble sleeping for fear of disaster

The wounds were healed during the disaster of the century that hit Kahramanmaraş and 11 provinces. Some citizens who experienced the earthquake come to Zonguldak and continue their lives. Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University Hospital has also inaugurated the Disaster and Trauma Outpatient Clinic, which provides 24/7 service so that the victims can easily overcome their trauma.

Earthquake victims are given priority and accepted without an appointment. Together with faculty members and assistants who work in the Department of Mental Health and Diseases, clients with psychological trauma are served. Prof. Dr. Nuray Atasoy pointed out that the disaster is an unusual situation and that people cannot be psychologically prepared. Atasoy said, “There are four faculty members and we have many assistants. We provide services in the psychiatry department. We provide information to both our patients and after such disasters. We are going through difficult times. Of course, such disasters have the effect of what we trauma in a psychological sense. An unusual situation. A life for which people cannot be psychologically prepared and when it happens, it disrupts people’s well-being, both physically and psychologically. I appreciate your support.

The rectorate is also very sensitive on this point. We immediately opened a disaster and trauma outpatient clinic. Here earthquake victims can register at any time of the day without waiting, and we are trying to find out how to help them as soon as possible. There is an early period in such traumas. Of course, in the early days we hear that the wounds are still hot and sometimes people don’t even know about their losses. We hear from our patients about situations that are very painful even when we hear about them, such as the loss of a child from the same family or the loss of parents. This is an early shock effect. There is a lot of fear to be safe, a state of extreme fear. There is a period in which the person in this first period is afraid, worried and does not know what to do when he/she cannot adequately use his/her life-related problem-solving skills. We are early in this period. It’s only been a month. During this period, people apply to us,” he said.

“He wanted to sleep in socks because he was very cold the night of the earthquake”

Nuray Atasoy, who shared the story of a 6-year-old boy who came to the outpatient clinic with his mother; He explained that they received complaints about sleep and anxiety and said:

“Last time a very sensitive mother came. The child is 6 years old. She came mainly for her children. They have no loss in the family. Two children, the mother and father are still alive. Their house is badly damaged. They took shelter in Zonguldak with their acquaintances. The fear of the mother is that her child wants to sleep with socks at night. “And I asked why. He was very cold the night of the earthquake. Suddenly they went outside, he is not on top. His feet are very cold. That’s why he wants to sleep in socks. That is also a very appropriate response. Who doesn’t think of that? We can find a solution for this when designing. People are terrified.” “We want to take precautions when we’re scared. I have told the mother that the reactions are normal. The child also went to school immediately. What needs to be done is to ensure that they are safe and have their basic needs met as soon as possible. The state, institutions and we all have things to do. With such trauma, it takes a long time before health is damaged.” last week. We visited a survivor of the earthquake. He lost two of his children. He also has physical injuries. We have seen it very well Sometimes d And durability also plays a roll. He buried his two children. His house is all gone. Here too, a benevolent donated his dwelling. He says he is all right. There is no such rule that it will be bad to get sick from such things. What we encounter more often is the problem that we call acute stress, such as extreme anxiety, anxiety, insomnia, not being able to eat, being in a state of constant anxiety and not being able to lay down about this event… People are so terrified that relatives of a doctor friends sometimes brought him immediately he told them what he had been through I can’t imagine 17 hours Of course it won’t happen to any of us again Of course it’s terrifying to be in a narrow space to see if I cannot escape face to face with death. But they responded very well. He said it was really bad when it came to his mind, but then he could be distracted. About a week and 10 days after the earthquake, we’ll bring forward those who come immediately. They come up with more complaints like this. Too many sleeping problems. They are afraid to sleep at night. There may be problems such as anxiety, worry, stomach, intestinal problems, vomiting or loss of appetite. They can come back at any moment with the fear that something will happen again. They may come up with more anxiety and anxiety-related issues.”

Atasoy also stated that efforts to set up a telephone hotline are continuing. Atasoy added that they will support the helpline to be set up by obtaining the necessary permissions.

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