Earthquakes have affected people psychologically

Although the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş severely injured society as well as devastated the region, they had traumatic consequences for many people. While people who lost their homes and relatives in the earthquake experienced a psychological breakdown, this process is being stimulated with various activities. Psychologists and psychiatrists also invite citizens who are psychologically affected and cannot get over it to seek help from experts.

“Seriously, we’re all psychologically affected.

Doctor Teaching Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Emine Merve Kalınlı reminded that there was a major earthquake disaster in Turkey and provided information.

Kalınlı stated that a month has passed since the earthquakes and said: “We have to normalize a bit now, but this month has been very difficult. All humans first went through the shock phase. First we tried to understand what it was, to learn. After that, earthquake victims and earthquake victims were affected differently. We have suffered losses. There were processes of grief and mourning. Then we felt anger.

Although there are different symptoms in children, especially according to age groups, in general we have seen behavioral changes in all children. We’ve seen sleep and eating disorders. However, life goes on one side. We try to normalize, albeit slowly, albeit in small steps. Schools opened. It was good for the children to go to school, at least for them and the adolescents. We’re back at work. We return to our more routine lives. However, we were all seriously affected psychologically,” he said.

“Most of us still feel like ‘are we rockin'”

Kalınlı underlined that many people still feel uncomfortable at the moment and said: “We still have the feeling of ‘we rock’ with many of us. However, the earthquake is the reality of our country. We haven’t paid much attention to this, but this is not a new agenda. Therefore an earthquake can happen at any time, it can happen to anyone and anywhere. But instead of living as if an earthquake is going to happen, the best thing we can do is plan things like what we can do if an earthquake happens or what to do at those times, and take the measures we can.”
Kalınlı stated that no one will forget the earthquake and said, “What we are doing now is actually getting used to living with it. It is necessary to return to our routines and normal life as soon as possible. That is why we suggested that children go to school in the first place. We would like universities to have face-to-face education, but that doesn’t seem possible at the moment. Returning to our business life, our activities and our activities will adapt us faster.”

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