Eating strawberries like this shuts down the liver…

Strawberry, one of the most consumed fruits in summer, is one of the most popular fruits both in terms of taste and health benefits. Strawberry gets the red color of its own. However, it turned out that when strawberries, which are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, are consumed incorrectly, they seriously endanger our health. Don’t regret later. So, how should we consume strawberries?

Strawberry, one of the must-have flavors of spring and summer, is actually not on the list of innocent foods. Red spiders live comfortably on strawberries, which scientists describe as both beneficial and harmful foods in nature.

Because these red spiders have exactly the same color as the strawberry, they are not easily noticed. Some farmers also use chemicals to prevent red spiders from settling in strawberries. In other words, more than one harmful situation occurs with strawberry.

Since it has a porous structure, red spiders on it or chemicals don’t go away easily unless it is cleaned properly. It was learned that many patients ate strawberries last as experts detailed the cases flooding emergency departments.

Experts have made a statement about this and warned against strawberry consumption. It has been learned that unless properly cleaned, strawberries cause stomach and intestines to collapse if consumed directly. It causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and blisters on the skin surface. In addition, if strawberries contain a high content of lycopene, it can easily cause an allergic reaction.

When lycopene, an antioxidant, enters the body at a rapid rate, it contradicts the protein structure in the immune system. This causes the immune system to collapse.

Another warning came from American scientists. Although the exact cause is not known, the hepatitis A virus was detected in 17 people in the US after consuming strawberries in the past week.

Hepatitis A increases the risk of infection in the body, leading to the gradual collapse of all organs, especially the liver.

If the immunity of people exposed to the virus is low, it can even have fatal consequences. The risk of spreading the hepatitis A virus, which mixes quickly in the blood, is transmitted between partners and from mother to child due to the gene factor.

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