Edema cure recipe with ingredients from our own home

Diet specialist Dilem İrkin Koçan, who shared a cure recipe that can be prepared with ingredients found in every home for bloating and indigestion, which most people usually suffer after iftar in Ramadan, said this cure can also help those help those who want to lose weight and get rid of edema for the summer.

1 time per day for 1 week, but beware of pregnant women and blood pressure patients!

Dilem İrkin Koçan, nutrition and diet specialist from Beykent University Hospital, said that the recipe should be drunk an hour and a half after meals, once a day for 3 days, and said that the recipe should be refreshed at the end of 3 days. Emphasizing that the cure, consumed every day for 1 week, should be repeated with a break of 1 week, but especially for pregnant women and blood pressure patients, Koçan said: “Especially if you have low blood pressure, you may experience dizziness because this mixture will lower your blood pressure even more. Therefore, we must consume it with care. Or you can reduce your portion. Pregnant and lactating women should also not use it. “It’s also not a suitable mix for children,” he said.

Materials that can be found in every home

The ingredients for the cure, which is prepared with cucumber, parsley, ginger and lemon and additional ingredients can be added to taste, are listed as follows:

-1 Cucumber
-1 lemon
-1 coffee cup flat leaf parsley
-1 thumb-sized piece of ginger
-1 liter of water

Preparation of:

After abundantly washing all the ingredients, the peels of the lemon, ginger and cucumber are peeled. In the recipe, where the leaves of parsley are used, not the stems, all the ingredients are put in a bowl with 1 glass of water and then put through the blender. The ingredients, which have a homogeneous consistency, are mixed by slowly adding the remaining water and consumed after meals, 1-1 and a half glasses a day for 3 days.

“The amount of ingredients may not be the same for everyone”

Dilem İrkin Koçan, who provided information about the ingredients that make up the content, said: “The mix is ​​actually made up of wholesome foods that are in our kitchens. Lemon is both vitamin C and citric acid, cucumber is already indispensable in our diet, it is a food rich in water and makes you feel full. Ginger, on the other hand, is very valuable to us when it comes to easing digestion. But we should pay attention to the portion of ginger. If you have a stomach ailment, stomach ulcer, gastritis, reflux or a burning sensation, you can prepare it by reducing the amount of ginger or eliminating it from the recipe altogether. Finally we have parsley in the content. Parsley is already a good anti-edema. We use the leaves, not the stems, in the mix. We certainly don’t think it’s appropriate for pregnant women to consume,” he said.

Don’t eat the whole mixture in 1 day!

Koçan claimed that pineapple, which is also described as a very good edema remover, can be added to the mixture for those who do not like the taste, and also reminded Koçan that the entire mixture should not be consumed in one day. Koçan said that the mixture kept in the refrigerator should be brought to room temperature 1 hour before drinking and should not be consumed cold, saying: “Drinking it right before bed can worsen your sleep quality because you have to urinate frequently due to edema. Therefore, it is enough to consume it an hour after meals.

It is not a weight loss method in itself, but it can be more effective

Koçan emphasized that the recipe can help with weight loss when combined with a healthy diet, saying: “Our goal here is to relieve a little bit of the symptoms such as bloating, gas and indigestion after iftar during Ramadan. It is a mixture that will help you lose weight and relieve edema before the summer period, except for the month of Ramadan. Physical activity is a must before the cure to give more effective results. We need to support this process by taking about 10,000 steps a day. It is necessary not to eat late at night and not to take carbohydrate foods. Fluid intake is also very important. Yes, we consume this drink, but we have to absorb the liquid back into our body as water. We should consume about two liters of water. In addition, if women routinely use this mixture before and during their period, they will get rid of the edema symptoms that will arise.

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