Electrolux EMS20300OX User Reviews and Features

Saving time in the kitchen is always important. The Electrolux EMS20300OX microwave oven manages to help you with this by providing a quick and easy solution for cooking and heating. This oven is supported by defrost, heating, grilling and cooking functions and offers you an ideal use. Let’s look at all the details about this microwave oven, which will help you solve all sorts of cooking problems.

Electrolux EMS20300OX features

power 800w
Internal volume 19 l
Heat setting There is
Installation type Solo
Number of programs 5

Electrolux EMS20300OX Microwave

The Electrolux EMS20300OX offers fast and easy meal preparation. Supported by defrosting, heating, grilling and cooking functions, this microwave adds another dimension to meal preparation thanks to its versatile use. This oven, which indicates when the cooking cycle is complete, also stands out for its superior performance.

Here are all the details about the Electrolux EMS20300OX microwave oven:

Electrolux EMS20300OX Technical specifications

  • 800 watts of power
  • Content 19 litres
  • 5 different power levels
  • 245mm turntable support
  • Dimensions 292x455x320 cm
  • Control knob for power selection
  • Defrost function
  • digital image

Electrolux EMS20300OX Capacity

Capacity 19 l
Turntable 245mm
Heat phase 5

The Electrolux EMS20300OX microwave is designed with an internal volume of 19 liters. This spacious space is even sufficient for families who need to prepare long meals. Thanks to the 245 mm turntable, dishes can also be prepared more evenly. In addition, it stands out for its design that allows you to adjust the heat level on 5 different levels.

Electrolux EMS20300OX design

Electrolux EMS20300OX

The Electrolux EMS20300OX microwave oven brings a breath of fresh air to your kitchen with its stylish and modern design. This oven, which has a metallic look, easily adapts to any kitchen and offers a beautiful look. In addition, the cooking performance of your meals increases thanks to the special coating designed to better distribute the heat.

Electrolux EMS20300OX Dimension

Height 292mm
Width 455mm
Depth 320mm

Electrolux EMS20300OX; It is compactly designed with a width of 455 mm, a depth of 320 mm and a height of 292 mm. This microwave oven, which can be easily adapted to any room thanks to its minimal dimensions, also succeeds in satisfying its users with its large interior volume.

Electrolux EMS20300OX Installation

Electrolux EMS20300OX microwave oven is suitable for countertop installation thanks to its free-standing design. This oven, which is very easy to install, can be made ready to use without the help of a specialist.

Electrolux EMS20300OX Benefits

The Electrolux EMS20300OX microwave has many advantages. First of all, thanks to the automatic defrost program, you can defrost your food quickly and easily. The second benefit is that it offers the ability to prepare your meals faster with its quick and easy cooking options. In addition, this oven offers different cooking functions and therefore allows an adaptable use with a suitable option for all types of food.

Disadvantages of Electrolux EMS20300OX

The microwave oven EMS20300OX has several drawbacks. First, the oven offers a power of 800 watts, which is a lower power compared to other high-power microwaves. This can cause some foods to take longer to prepare. The capacity is limited to 19 liters, which may not be suitable for large-scale meals.

Electrolux EMS20300OX User Reviews


Here are the positive and negative comments from Electrolux EMS20300OX users:

💬 This microwave has been a great choice to make everything I need. Especially the defrost program is very useful, I don’t have to wait to defrost the food.

💬 A great option for quick and easy cooking. Thanks to the variety of functions, I can always find the right setting. I was very satisfied.

💬 The microwave power is quite high, so food cooks very quickly. In addition, the design is very stylish and modern. It really fits in my kitchen.

💬 The content is enough for me, 19 liters is also great. It does not take up too much space in the kitchen and offers enough space.

💬 This microwave works very quietly. I can say that it is quite quiet compared to the ovens I use from other brands.

💬 Clear digital display, very easy to use. You can quickly make your choices. Moreover, I was very satisfied.

💬 A very good choice in terms of price performance. It is cheaper than its competitors and has the same features. I was very satisfied.

💬 Very handy device with automatic defrost program. I save time by defrosting food quickly. Ideal for working women.

💬 The size is a bit small. It can be a bit of a hassle to prepare large meals.

💬 The microwave gets a little too hot after cooking. Sometimes I have to wait a while to get the food out.

Scoring and rating

Electrolux EMS20300OX microwave oven is a great helper for you in the kitchen with its modern design, automatic defrost program and various cooking functions. The oven is ideal for preparing small and medium-sized dishes. It can be easily used with a table top installation. A power of 800 Watt and a capacity of 19 liters are also among the striking features of this oven. Our rating for this microwave is 8 out of 10.

In this part of our content, we will answer frequently asked questions about the Electrolux EMS20300OX microwave oven.

What is the capacity of the Electrolux EMS20300OX microwave?

The Electrolux EMS20300OX microwave has a capacity of 19 liters. This makes it ideal for small families and reduces the preparation time of your meals.

What are the dimensions of the Electrolux EMS20300OX microwave?

The dimensions of the Electrolux EMS20300OX microwave oven are 462mm x 595mm x 320mm. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it easily adapts to even small kitchens.

What is the diameter of the Electrolux EMS20300OX turntable?

Electrolux EMS20300OX The diameter of the microwave turntable is 245 mm. This allows all sides of your food to be cooked evenly.

What power options does the Electrolux EMS20300OX have?

The Electrolux EMS20300OX microwave oven is supported by 5 different power levels.

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