End aesthetic anxiety with varicose vein treatment

Cardiovascular Surgeon Specialist Opr. Dr. Tolga Önder made statements about the treatment of varicose veins. On. Dr. Tolga Önder stated that varicose veins are not only cosmetic, but also a serious health problem. According to Opr, the disease can cause pain, swelling, a feeling of heaviness and fullness in the legs, nighttime cramps, color changes and clotting, according to Opr. Dr Önder said: “Aesthetic concerns should be prioritized in the treatment of varicose veins. The treatment methods applied for this are called aesthetic varicose vein treatment and the medical field that applies these methods is called aesthetic phlebology. It is possible to treat varicose veins with aesthetic methods without scarring or with minimal scarring.

“After treatment for varicose veins you can go home the same day”

Speaking of treating varicose veins, Dr. Önder said: “Microphlebectomy and sclerotherapy are the most commonly used treatment options, along with closed methods such as laser and radiofrequency in the treatment of aesthetic varicose veins. Önder stated that these treatment options are determined after the Doppler ultrasound and physical examination, saying, “One or all of the options are applied depending on the patient’s condition. They are daily procedures that do not require anesthesia. They are comfortable methods where you can go home the same day after treatment, do not need hospitalization and can resume your normal life in a short time.

Laser and microphlebectomy are performed through a pinhole. That is why it is very difficult to find any trace of your operation after the procedure. Sclerotherapy or needle therapy is a popular method widely used in the treatment of small and medium varicose veins. It is based on the principle of injecting a drug with vascular occlusive properties into these varicose veins using an injector with a fine needle. Thus, the heirs are destroyed over time. Although this period varies from person to person, it is on average between 3 weeks and 3 months. As a result, a patient’s aesthetic concerns due to varicose veins should be taken as seriously as complaints of pain or swelling. The main success factor of the treatment is that the treatment is carried out by doctors who are specialized in the field of ‘aesthetic phlebology’. Treating varicose veins is an art and make sure you choose the right artist.

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