Even if the children’s reports are bad, they should rest for part of the holiday

Begüm Özkaya issued important warnings to parents for the upcoming reporting period. Özkaya said that the report cards received by the students are not only an indicator of success in the course, but “Parents should know that the report card is not only an indicator of the child’s success or failure in the course, but also participation in the courses, the relationship with his friends and teachers, the classes he may or may not be interested in, the school and the students… It is also an indicator of his attitude towards learning.In this sense, when we children get a report card, only pay attention to the notes, do not see the other characteristics of the child.For this reason, the report should not be regarded only as a course success.At the same time, although the student’s grades indicate the success of the school, mean the aspects that are not successful do not mean that they cannot be successful in other areas In particular, some parents blame each other instead of evaluating the reasons for their children’s condition. Fathers see mothers as teachers at home and mothers see fathers as school principals. For example, the father may blame the mother for not teaching the child the lesson, and the mother for not having enough control over the child. In this case, elementary school children feel more guilty, more depressed, more unhappy, more reluctant to learn; On the other hand, children in high school are more likely to encounter negative behavior charts.”

“The reasons for bad grades need to be investigated”

Specialized psychologist Begüm Özkaya stated that the student is not the only one responsible for the bad report card and that the reasons for the bad grades should be investigated. Steps should be taken to identify and resolve the reasons why the child’s school failure may be caused. These reasons; personal characteristics, family-related reasons and school-related reasons. The way parents should follow is as follows; You have to start by appreciating them. Subsequently, the reasons for poor grades should be explored and a decision should be made with the child on what can be done to correct this situation. The child’s report should not be used as a reason to boast or embarrass others. Some families move to financial reward first. They can choose to buy the toy bike or computer game that the child wants most. The first reward should be verbal, such as saying “well done” and congratulating. After that, financial rewards appropriate to his age can also be received. Of course, it should not be forgotten that gifts with a high financial value do not contribute to learning and school success.

“As a parent, the responses you give to your child will also affect the child’s other learning”

Özkaya said that the reactions of the child’s parents will also affect the child’s other learning process, adding: “Sometimes parents forget that vacation means rest. For them, vacation can become a planned process, usually after correcting bad grades. But even if the kids’ reports are bad, they should rest for part of the vacation. If homework is given because of repeating a course or catch-up lessons, or because this holiday is an intermediate period, it is better to start towards the end of the holiday. The reactions you give to your child as a parent also influence the other learning process of the child. Not making children afraid to receive new information and encouraging them to overcome the difficulties they face will not only help to increase their success in their educational years, but also their quality of life.

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