Excessive sweating is the harbinger of that ailment! If this is one of the complaints…

Expressing that the problem of excessive sweating, which turns everyday life into a nightmare, is an inconvenience that needs to be solved, Thoracic surgery specialist Dr. Instructor prof. İlker Kolbaş said: “As normal skin flora will deteriorate in areas of excessive sweating, susceptibility to bacterial and fungal infections increases. In addition, it also has a negative effect on patients’ socialization.”

Thoracic Surgery Specialist, who warns of excessive sweating. Instructor prof. İlker Kolbaş made the definition of excessive sweating and said: “Sweating is a normal physiological function that allows the regulation of body temperature. Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is sweating that occurs without any relation to environmental factors or temperature regulation of the body. Sweating can be too be due to a drug or medical illness. “It could be for no reason,” he said.


As for how excessive sweating can arise, Dr. Instructor prof. Kolbaş said, “Generalized excessive sweating usually arises as a result of infection, hormonal diseases, nervous disorders, heart disease, lung disease and medications used. Regional excessive sweating is sweating in the palms of the hands, armpits, head and neck and soles of the feet. Regional excessive sweating, common “It is more common than sweating. Although the reason is not fully explained, it occurs due to an overreaction of the nervous system to the current environment.”

Dr. Instructor Lid Kolbaş said: “While it can be seen at an early age, primary hyperhidrosis beginning at age 25 is seen equally in men and women.”


Dr. Instructor Lid Kolbaş listed the symptoms required to diagnose primary hyperhidrosis in a patient:

“Sweating has been present for at least 6 months,
Having a sweat attack at least once a week,
Sweating on both sides of the body
negatively affect the patient’s life,
Occurs before the age of 25,
Having a similar sweating history in the family,
You should not sweat during sleep.


Expressing that excessive sweating is a condition that needs to be resolved, Dr. Instructor Lid Kolbaş said: “As normal skin flora will deteriorate in areas of excessive sweating, susceptibility to bacterial and fungal infections increases. In addition, it causes a negative effect on patients’ socialization.”


Speaking about the diagnostic methods that can be applied to excessive sweating, Dr. Instructor Lid Kolbaş said: “The most important guide to aid diagnosis is the patient’s story. There is no need for additional testing in regional primary hyperhidrosis. However, if there is generalized sweating or additional pathology detected on the physical examination, This prompted that the relevant medical branches be evaluated on the basis of the findings.”


Explaining that for general sweating problems, a specialist in dermatology, internal medicine or breast diseases can be visited, Dr. Instructor dr. Kolbaş said, “However, for sweating in the hands and armpits, a doctor should be selected based on the type or method of treatment. If there is a known or discovered disease under excessive sweating, the primary treatment is to treat the underlying disease. are available. Non-surgical treatment is done with topically applied or oral medications. Treatment options similar to surgery include botox application and iontopheresis applications.”

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