Excessive use of technological devices harms eye health

Health and Disease Specialist Op. Dr Serkan Güreser said eye health should be considered when using technological devices. Güreser stated that tired and dry eyes are one of the most common problems, saying: “Prolonged screen use can cause tired and dry eyes. Our eyes blink less when exposed to the intense light from screens and are unable to moisturize naturally. lead to symptoms such as eye discomfort, stinging, redness and blurred vision. To avoid eye strain, we should regularly move away from screens, look at a distant point for 20 seconds every 20 minutes, and give our eyes a rest. In addition, artificial tear drops can be used to increase the moisture of the eyes.


Güreser said screen use late into the night affects sleep patterns: “Exposure to blue light can disrupt the process of falling asleep by inhibiting the secretion of the hormone melatonin. To keep our sleep patterns healthy, we should limit screen use at night and stay away from screens for at least 1 hour before bed. Also completely eliminating screen use in the bedroom can help us achieve better quality sleep. We know that blue light emitted by screens has an effect on our eyes. We can protect our eyes protect against this harmful light by using glasses or screen protectors that contain blue light filters.In addition, lowering the brightness settings of the screens or using the night mode can also support our eye health.


Claiming that looking at the screen for a long time causes visual impairment or can improve the existing vision problem, Op. Dr Serkan Güreser said:

“Devices such as virtual reality goggles, game consoles, phones and tablets are widely used for entertainment, communication and access to information. Excessive use of technological devices means that we put more strain on our eyes. It is important for us to know that overuse of these devices can have adverse effects on the health of our eyes.

Long hours spent with technological devices can also affect eye hygiene. Washing our eyes regularly is important to prevent eye infections and irritation. We should keep our hands clean and clean our glasses regularly. We should also avoid rubbing our eyes during prolonged screen use. Excessive screen use can tire our eyes, cause dry eyes, disrupt our sleep patterns and affect our ability to zoom. Controlling our daily screen time is critical to our eye health. If possible, it can be helpful to set a certain time and then step away from the screens for a while. It’s important to control and limit screen time, especially for children.”


Emphasizing that appropriate glasses or lenses should be used if there is a vision problem, Op. Dr Güreser said: “It is important to have our eyes checked regularly and to have periodic eye exams to detect and treat any problems early. While the importance of technological devices in our lives continues, it is very important to pay attention to the health of our eyes. Taking measures to control screen time, having regular eye exams, paying attention to eye hygiene and giving our eyes a rest help us protect our eye health. “Let’s not forget that eyes are an important part of our health and taking good care of them leads to a better quality of life in the long run.”

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