Exercise is very important in the treatment of back and neck pain.

Claiming that the most common reason for people experiencing back and neck stiffness is a posture disorder, explained physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialist Dr Hülya Yüksel said: “Because of the weakness of the muscles in our spine, the posture disorder we see especially in office workers can often cause back and cause neck stiffness. Again, ergonomics are very important. Ergonomics is that all equipment from table to chair in the place where we work is suitable for our posture. Because due to various reasons, such as working in an incorrect posture or sitting at a desk for a long time, and the way we use computers is not suitable for posture, office workers are more likely to experience back and neck stiffness. In these people, spinal problems, waist and neck hernias, back hernias, calcifications of the spine and chronic pain due to stress are among the conditions that cause back and neck stiffness.

“Indispensable exercise in treatment”

To make it clear that exercise is indispensable in the treatment of low back, neck and back pain, Yüksel said: “Before the treatment, we must first correct the patient’s posture. Back and neck stiffness are often seen in someone with poor posture. Exercise is one of the most suitable treatments to correct posture. If there are spinal problems, we can use spinal injections. Trigger point injections for the muscles around the spine and dry needling injections are among our treatment methods. Dry needling method, exercise, aerobics and drug treatments can also be applied in fibromyalgia, which is characterized by widespread body pain. First, we apply treatments for the underlying cause. In cases such as neck, waist, back herniation or neck flattening, we need to make individual treatment options for the patient. In any case, exercise is essential. If the person has a posture disorder, poor ergonomics in the work environment, and chronic pain, exercise should be the first line in their treatment. We also make extensive use of physiotherapeutic models. We can apply it in hot treatments and electrical treatments.”

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