Expert advice to expectant mothers who are fasting

Assoc states that expectant mothers who want to fast should be under the supervision of a doctor. Dr. Cemil Oğlak, “Will it hurt me or the baby if I fast?” Ihlas News Agency (IHA) released the answer to the question. Oğlak said they do not think it is medically appropriate for expectant mothers with various chronic illnesses to fast during Ramadan: “We recommend that expectant mothers should talk to their doctor to answer this question.

We do not consider it medically appropriate for pregnant women who have developed kidney disease such as hypertension or for various reasons to fast. Apart from this, if there is no clear risk factor, there are several studies on it. Some of these studies state that there is no risk to the mother from fasting. However, some studies have also seen relatively low birth weight babies after fasting. For this reason, we individualize the risk by asking our questions about each pregnancy, that each pregnancy is quite a dynamic process, that one pregnancy will not be the same as another, and whether the mother has had a previous pregnancy at the same time. In this way we decide together whether it is appropriate for the expectant mother to fast.”

Capricorn explained the nutrients that expectant mothers who decide to fast should consume during iftar and sahur, saying: “If the expectant mother decides to fast, we definitely recommend that she consume the amount of food, especially the amount of liquid, which she should consume daily between the period between iftar and sahur. fluid loss is very important. The mother should drink at least 2.5 liters of fluids in the period between iftar and sahur. These liquids should not be tea, coffee or carbonated drinks. Similarly, the expectant mother to follow a diet rich in green vegetables, a diet rich in protein, especially grains, in iftar We recommend a diet rich in eggs, milk or yogurt when it comes to sahur freshly squeezed fruit juice, milk or yogurt in the period between sahur and iftar, because this will deprive him of the necessary nutrients and make him hungry faster.

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