Expert advice to parents before YKS: remind your child of his successes, support his strengths

Guidance and psychological advisor İrem Hatıl made suggestions to parents before the YKS exam. “If there is something as difficult as being a student during the exam period, it is being the parent of a student who is going through the exam process,” said Hatıl, continuing: “Preparing a student for the exam has a serious impact on all family members.As this process continues, the attitude and behavior of the parents affect the student.It should not be forgotten that fear is a contagious element.

Although the family’s fear is not expressed verbally, it is easily understood by the student due to the parents’ reactions, facial expressions, and behaviors. The most important step for the parent to take at this stage is to try to keep the anxiety at a certain level. Talking about the student’s anxiety and reminding them of their past achievements can help reduce anxiety. The expectations of the family and the way they express their expectations are also very important. Expecting more than the child can do harms both the family and the child. For this, knowing the child, having knowledge of what he can do, supporting the child’s strengths will increase the child’s self-confidence and allow him to feel the support of the family. During the process, another option must be chosen. While creating this possibility, the decision of the child and the family together will relieve the child and help him leave the realization that the exam is an irreversible and mandatory path.

Do not compare with your colleague

Radikal Education Institutions Buca VIP Branch Guidance and Psychological Counselor İrem Hatıl pointed out that one of the important behaviors to avoid during the exam preparation phase is comparing the child with another peer and it is important for him to feel special. “It is necessary to admit that the exam is a difficult process for every family and child. Sometimes with the right techniques and sometimes with the right guidance, this process can be overcome in a healthy way,” he said.

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