Expert advice to students entering LGS: Stress management is very important for a successful exam

Specialist psychologist Arzu Hamurcu, who said that focusing only on the exam by thinking too much about the exam can negatively affect the result, said: “First of all, there is very little time left for the exam and to talk about how we being able to spend small time efficiently puts a huge success stress on children, maybe we do this as parents, maybe we do it as teachers, maybe we, as environment or friends, put this stress of success on the students who take the exam success comes with a lot of stress and there are two well known misconceptions first of all success can come with some stress but we as a society think that if there is at least stress then we will be successful however if we stress at a moderate level experience, we will be successful, just like all other emotions.If we do not experience stress, we do not have to prepare for the exam at all and we do not have to look for a source for the exam. So we don’t take any precautions and our test is likely to fail.

When we are very stressed, when we experience a lot of stress, the following can happen; We can talk about the result of the exam every day, we can dream about the exam every day, because we increase our focus on the exam too much by making calculations on our nets every day, we may not get the result we want in the exam because of course the rest of our life depends on our poor performance. If we can keep our stress at a moderate level, it is necessary to examine how many questions need to be answered for which section and for which score, and to avoid suggestions that may prevent all exam stress, by focusing on the goal at this point. concentrate, with good motivation and a moderate level of anxiety, the desired result can be achieved with stress,” he said.

Hamurcu said kids need to feel like the exam is a process where they want to see their success rather than a race. Contrary to what is known, this is a big mistake. Because we need to focus on the exam process, not the exam result. If we see that the child is successful in the process, that the child’s effort can achieve very good marks, it should be rewarded without waiting for the exam result. Because then the children go through a very adequate process, because they feel that their expectations, their goals are really seen instead of a racehorse. Here, instead of a responsible sentence like ‘You can do it anyway’, it’s ‘You passed before, there are many things you have achieved in your life before the exam.

Kids can get a more comfortable motivation with a phrase like “We know you are successful.” Today, every parent is actually a student. Therefore, instead of the old parenting styles prevailing, only he knows everything, the child says, “I don’t know, but if you want, let’s explore it together?” The child will feel more motivated and will study more focused, with the feeling that his family supports him more energetically. We can present it to them with the example of an encouraging, anxiety-relieving, but laziness-repelling parent. Just as a flower needs water and needs to see a beautiful environment, the same goes for the success of children. If we want the child to be successful, we need a warm family image.”

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