Expert Name Suggested: Walk to Fight Diabetes

Internal medicine specialist Dr Mesut Şahin said diabetes is a chronic disease that arises because the pancreas fails to produce, does not produce enough of, or is not used effectively by the body, the insulin hormone that controls blood glucose levels.

“Be careful if you have to urinate often”

Referring to the symptoms of diabetes, Dr. Dr Şahin said: “Excessive thirst, frequent urination, fatigue and unexplained weight loss are common symptoms, but there may be no obvious symptoms. If one or more of the above symptoms are present, you should immediately go to a health facility. To ensure an effective role of the patient in the treatment and follow-up of diabetes, patient education, self-medication and blood glucose monitoring are of great importance.

“It is possible to prevent diabetes”

Noting that diabetes is a preventable disease, Dr. Dr. Şahin said: “It is not difficult to prevent diabetes. It requires a willingness to take action. Even if people cannot radically change their lives, they can start the fight against diabetes even by losing one or two kilograms, getting off the bus two or three stops earlier and going for a walk, consuming yogurt, fruit and salad instead of sugary and oily foods. Diabetic patients should pay attention to adequate and balanced nutrition. He needs to exercise regularly and keep his weight under control.

Internal medicine specialist Dr. Mesut Şahin underlined the importance of consuming the right amount of food in patients with diabetes and said, “Your nutrition program is especially for you. Another diabetes patient’s list may not be right for you. For this reason, food should be consumed in the amounts recommended by the dietician. Sports such as walking and cycling are easy and ideal for diabetics. Diabetic patients should take their medications as recommended by their doctor. He should measure his blood sugar as often as his doctor recommends, and if he must take insulin, he should do so at the dose and at the time recommended by his doctor, according to diabetes nurse practice. He should have a doctor’s check up every 3-4 months and an eye and neurological exam once a year.

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