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In stating that a healthy and balanced diet should be adopted as a principle at every stage of life, experts said they have done the necessary work on this point. Dietician Funda Budak, who explained the importance of healthy food to citizens especially during Ramadan periods when hunger times are getting longer, said: “Be careful in Ramadan and then don’t attack the food with thoughts like ‘I already had hungry for a month, now I can eat whatever I want” or “Give me the energy I lost, I’ll recover after the holidays” Because usually the onset of gallbladder or stomach diseases or the increase in their discomfort coincides with these periods.Sudden strain on the digestive system and metabolism, which slows down during the month of Ramadan, can lead to gas problems in the stomach and intestines, diarrhea, belching in the stomach, the onset of gallbladder disease, high blood pressure and disturbance of sugar metabolism, metabolism of insulin.

Emphasizing the importance of eating light, natural, healthy and sufficient for breakfast with the family on the morning of the party, Budak said: “If we start the day eating a lot of fat, too much sugar and too much , the first day of vacation is spent with the stomach and intestines. During the vacation, as usual, 3 main meals and 3 snacks should not be exceeded. However, after Ramadan it may not be possible to eat 6 meals at the same time. For this reason it may be sufficient to eat 3 meals the first day, after that it becomes more difficult to get 6 meals with snacks.

Budak reminded that the sweet treats, which are indispensable for the holiday season, can put citizens in a difficult situation, and said: in a difficult situation.

Therefore, try to give preference to milky and light desserts, if available, and if you have difficulty refusing treats, try to consume the minimum amount wherever you go. If there are 3 baklavas in a serving, consume 1 of them. Thus, you will not offend anyone and will not find yourself in a difficult situation. In addition, try to burn the excess calories you take in by moving as much as possible, but after a month of fasting do not spoil your health to be able to move on these hot days, adjust the dosage properly. Daily walks of 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening will support you. You can reduce your sweet tooth cravings by increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables. Try to consume salad or vegetable dishes with olive oil with every meal, preferably fruit in between. If you do not have digestive problems, it is beneficial to eat vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and edible fruits with peel. In addition, the fluid requirements you need on hot summer days cannot be covered by the extension of the fasting period. Therefore, with the arrival of the holidays, try to meet your daily requirement of 2.5 -3 liters of water.

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