Expert warning, air conditioner causes pneumonia

Using air conditioners without maintenance further increases this risk. Experts warn that people who are exposed to extremely cold and dry air for a long time reduce their body resistance and can easily get upper respiratory diseases, even lung diseases up to pneumonia.

The most common diseases are sinusitis and bronchitis.

Saying that sinusitis and bronchitis are the most common respiratory diseases due to air conditioning, specialist doctors said: “Bronchitis is more commonly seen as acute bronchitis, which is the sudden onset of inflammation of the bronchi. In addition, direct exposure to the air blown by air conditioners can affect the nerve sheath in the face, causing facial paralysis, muscle pain, and muscle stiffness. In people with sinusitis, it can also cause eye inflammation and brain inflammation. The cold air blown by the air conditioners and the dust spreading to the environment cause asthma attacks and severe coughing. Molds, which reproduce in the humidification parts of air conditioning systems and spread to the environment when the air conditioner is turned on, cause acute allergic pneumonia. acute allergic pneumonia; 4-6 hours after inhalation of mold, it starts as a flu infection with symptoms of fever, headache, muscle pain and weakness, then symptoms such as cough, sputum, shortness of breath, chest tightness appear in the lungs. Chronic allergic pneumonia, on the other hand, develops insidiously gradually; shortness of breath, fatigue and weight loss occur. For the treatment of these diseases, the patient must stop contact with the allergen.

Bacteria in air conditioners cause illness

Experts emphasized the importance of periodic maintenance and cleaning of air conditioners and stated that uncleaned air conditioners cause a number of diseases and used the following statements:

“In the filter systems of air conditioners that are not properly maintained every year, some bacteria accumulate, multiply and spread in the ambient air. “Legionella pneumonia,” also known as Legionnaires’ disease, is a disease caused by air conditioners and these bacteria. This disease does not show symptoms similar to typical symptoms of pneumonia, and lung and respiratory complaints are not prominent. Symptoms of the disease include fatigue, malaise, widespread muscle pain, severe headache and restlessness in the first 24-48 hours. Later, fever and dry cough are seen. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain can also occur during this process. In the treatment of Legionnaires’ disease, antibiotics for bacteria spread by air conditioners should be used for the correct duration and dose. You should have your air conditioner serviced regularly every year and use a bacteria filter. Make sure that the environment does not get too cold, the ideal ambient temperature is 24-25 degrees. It should not be directly exposed to the air blown by the air conditioners. In addition, samples of air conditioners and water must be taken regularly and examined in the laboratory.”

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