Expert warning! Beware of foot and tuberculosis

Veterinarian İlayda Çetinbaş, explaining the points to consider when selecting animals for sacrifice, said that the animal’s age is important, as is its health.

İlayda Çetinbaş said that the sacrificial animal’s organs and limbs must be complete and said, “It must not be weak. The age of animals is very important to us. Since this is a worship, old animals and very young animals are not slaughtered. Cattle must be 2 years old, and we can understand that if we look at the teeth in front of it. In the sacrifice of small livestock, it is enough for him to be a victim when he is one year old.”

“Unfortunately, foot and mouth disease has become very common during this period”

Çetinbaş stated that foot-and-mouth disease came to the fore before the upcoming holiday, saying, “Unfortunately, foot-and-mouth disease has become very common during this period. A virus has come to our country from abroad and we, as Turkish vets, are producing vaccines. Symptoms of foot and mouth disease begin with limping in the feet. The animal’s temperature rises and sores in the mouth appear. It is unlikely that this disease will be transmitted to humans. When buying an animal, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is pregnant or not and whether it is a foot and tuberculosis disease. Tuberculosis is a common disease in females and older animals. We can understand this disease from the lungs. It is cut by the conditional cutting method and can be eaten by the roasting method.

“Meat must rest after cutting”

Çetinbaş said that the meat of the sacrificed animal should rest to be tastier: “After the sacrifice, the meat should rest for 1 or 2 hours in a cool place. We do not recommend eating immediately after cutting. First we cut the victim, let it rest for 1 or 2 hours and then put it in the freezer. As veterinarians, we recommend eating it after one day.”
Butcher Ahmet Sönmez, conveying the points to consider when slaughtering an animal for sacrifice, said: “A bovine under 2 years old cannot be sacrificed. Our citizens also cut in slaughterhouses. In contrast, those mowing in villages are easier and cleaner to tie and cut with the cranes attached to the rear of the tractors. The animal is not tortured. The rope cutting method is no more. Animals are tortured, and people are also difficult. Easier to tie and cut with winches mounted on the back of tractors. Not only does the animal not suffer, but the butcher does not tire or injure himself,” he said.

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