Expert Warning: Cooking Meat This Way Causes Cancer!

There are only a few days left until the Feast of Sacrifice. However, experts drew attention to the disadvantages of meat eaten without rest on the first day. In addition, experts stated that cooking the meat incorrectly while barbecuing increases the risk of cancer.

Specialist dietician Pakize Gizem Akgül spoke about what should be taken into account when consuming sacrificial meat. Dietician Akgül noted that red meat is a food rich in iron, magnesium and some B-group vitamins and warned that it is necessary to watch the amount when consuming meat because of the cholesterol and saturated fats it contains. contains.

Referring to the fact that red meat can also be a risk factor for people with chronic diseases, dietitian Akgül said, “Actually, barbecue is an indispensable cooking method of Eid-al-Adha, and it is necessary to make barbecue very carefully. Because it can produce harmful products that can cause some cancers when cooked too much and the meat burns and turns into embers. It can cause cancers of the digestive system such as stomach and colon cancer.

At the same time, undercooked meats are risky for us. Because the pathogens in some animals can cause infections in their digestive system, causing them to spend holidays in the hospital. That’s why you have to be careful when using barbecue or other meat preparation methods,” he said.

Dietician Akgül explained that it is the healthiest way to fry meat on the first day of Eid al-Adha, saying: “The most important thing is to cook the meat with its own fat as much as possible. To consume more without animal fats such as butter, tallow, tail fat without increasing cholesterol levels or the fats that can pose a risk of disease and not frying in too much oil, cooking with your own oil or healthier cooking methods such as boiling and oven should be preferred.

In addition, Akgül added that vegetables and salads with slightly more fiber and fiber can be added to the table to increase the benefit of red meat consumed, and that the salad with fresh lemon added to the meat increases the benefit of red meat with its vitamin C content.

Emphasizing that red meat consumed without rest is also harmful to the digestive system, dietician Akgül later said:

“Meat consumed without rest can cause reflux. It can cause indigestion, stomach and intestinal problems. That’s why we want people who are going to consume meat to rest as much as possible and chew it as well as possible. Because digestion starts with chewing. This are what we should pay attention to when consuming meat.”

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