Expert Warning: If You Can’t Lose Weight, This Could Be The Reason!

Internal Medicine Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Aktaş stated that being overweight can lead to the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension at a young age, aesthetic, psychological and social problems and cancer, and explained what needs to be done in the fight against obesity. Noting that obesity is calculated according to the ‘Body Mass Index’ measurement, Assoc. Dr. Aktaş said: “A person’s weight, measured in kilograms, is divided by the square of their height in meters. If the person’s body mass index is between 18.5 and 25, it means that he is an ideal weight and between 25 and 30. means that he is overweight. Between 30 and 40 is considered obese or obese. Although the body mass index is higher than 40, it is defined as morbidly obese.

Pay attention to genetic predisposition
associate Dr. Aktaş said: “If the individual has these factors, the adipose tissue increases rapidly and obesity can occur. Especially people with genetic predisposition will become fat over time if they do not pay attention to their lifestyle. Therefore, these people have a lot more careful lifestyle to protect their health than normal individuals, they should be,” he said.

“Your Metabolism May Be Slow”
Referring to the existence of individuals who often appear in society saying, ‘Even if I drink water, it works’, Assoc. Dr Aktaş said: “The basal metabolic rate can be quite low in some people. Although these people watch what they eat and adopt an active lifestyle, the reason for their weight gain is their slow metabolism. Even when they are not present, they remain have recommended the necessary tests to prevent obesity problems in the future and support a physician and nutritionist,” he said.

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Aktaş states that there are factors that people can interfere with, such as eating habits and physical activity, in addition to immutable factors such as age and gender, “As a result of speeding up metabolism using these factors, individuals can change, produce more energy and use building blocks. In this way, the muscle mass in the body increases while fat.While the amount of weight is reduced and the metabolism is increased, on the one hand weight can be lost and on the other hand, a healthy body can be obtained.

“Don’t Overlook Insulin Resistance”
Some people say, ‘I eat less than everyone else, I exercise, but I can never lose weight. In addition, I quickly regain the weight I lost,” said Aktaş. “Insulin resistance is a serious problem that reduces quality of life and therefore needs to be brought under control, and if detected, necessary treatment should be started immediately. “

Aktaş drew attention to the need for drug therapy to break insulin resistance, a personalized diet program with calculated calories and regular exercise.

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