Experts have emphatically warned: Throw it out of the kitchen right away!

Cereal bars are generally consumed by people who eat healthy or want to lose weight. But many dieters see granola bars as the biggest obstacle to a healthy diet. These bars, which are sold in packages, contain high amounts of sugar, salt and saturated fat. A bar is therefore no different than a waffle!

As the name suggests, this bread made from whole grains is one of the healthiest breads. Wholemeal bread, which contains a lot of fiber, gives you a feeling of fullness for a long time. However, experts also point out that the packaged breads sold in the market contain sugar and preservatives. If you have time, you can bake your bread at home or make sure you buy it from the bakery instead of the market.

While things with diet, low-fat, or sugar-free product labels may seem diet-friendly, the situation is very different! Because manufacturers add copious amounts of additives to preserve the old taste of the product. It turns out that food is an enemy of health!

Although it has already been said by many experts, we will say it again here: ready-to-eat deli products are very harmful to your body! Sausage, salami, ham or sausage; Many additives and preservatives are added to all these products. Even packaged ground beef contains various preservatives! For this reason, it is useful to avoid ready-to-eat delicatessen products.

Rice puffs that contain no fat, sugar, fiber, minerals or calories; As you can imagine, it grabs the attention of many people. However, dietitians emphasize that this “healthy” snack turns into sugar once it reaches our digestive system. This snack, which affects your blood sugar, also increases your risk of developing diabetes in the future.

Food colorings used in almost every packaged product, from sugar to cake, from meat to fish; causes attention deficit in children. It can even lead to depression! Therefore, another type of food that dietitians never eat is brightly colored foods.

Detox waters, which have entered our lives thanks to social media, are now being sold in markets. As you can imagine, many of those packaged detox waters contain additives and sugar. So it makes your detox completely pointless!

Although soy milk is known as a healthy alternative to cow’s milk, it can cause several problems with prolonged use. Soy contains large amounts of isoflavones. This substance, which is found in plants and acts like the female hormone estrogen; While it causes breast enlargement in men, it causes weight gain in women. Many nutritionists avoid soybean consumption due to hormonal issues that can occur.

Now back to the subject of packaged granola and cereal! While these foods are preferred for a quick breakfast, they quickly raise your blood sugar and are harmful to your health.

Pasta comes to our rescue when we want to prepare a quick meal. That’s why no one is going to tell you to give up pasta! However, many experts urge that you turn to whole-wheat pasta instead of refined pasta.

Canned fruit, which is quite common abroad, is also becoming increasingly popular in our country. These fruit slices, sold in thick syrup, are as you can imagine high in sugar.

Although the nutritional value of homemade peanut butter is quite high, we cannot say the same about ready-made peanut butter! Lots of peanut butter sold in supermarkets; It contains trans fat, sunflower oil, corn oil and a lot of sugar. Instead, you can make your peanut butter at home or choose to buy it from your local grocery store.

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