Experts have revealed the secret to longevity: the highest antioxidant is in those foods!

To be healthy and vital, it is necessary to challenge years. As we age, adopting a sedentary lifestyle paves the way for faster aging and the formation of high-risk diseases. The 53-year-old molecular biologist from Harvard University said DNA testing showed his biological age was 43. Sinclair admitted that in her thirties she was overweight and drank a lot. She decided to get in better shape and started a new and healthy routine.

Sinclair’s advice for reversing your biological age is to get some exercise. It is a cornerstone of all anti-aging programs as it helps preserve muscle, exercise improves heart health and reduces inflammation. Aerobic exercise three times a week is recommended, including:

brisk walking

Sinclair states that intermittent fasting is also effective in slowing the rate of aging. “I try to fit my main meal into as few hours a day as possible. And this period of fasting has also had huge benefits for my estimated biological age.”


One of Sinclair’s favorite drinks is two cups of green matcha a day. While research on its anti-aging properties is ongoing, matcha tea contains antioxidants that may help limit cell damage.


Because green tea leaves are powdered, it contains more antioxidants than other green teas. Thanks to the L-theanine in its content, it speeds up the metabolism. This aids the weight loss process by increasing fat burning.

Matcha tea contains a combination of the amino acid L-theanine and caffeine. This combination reduces stress by increasing mental clarity and concentration.

Matcha tea contains a group of compounds called polyphenols. These compounds increase the body’s resistance to infection and disease by strengthening the immune system.

Thanks to the polysaccharides in its content, it regulates blood sugar levels. This helps reduce the risk of diabetes.

Matcha tea contributes to skin health thanks to the antioxidants it contains.


Because chronic stress is linked to inflammation, Sinclair also touches on sources of stress. Too much inflammation is associated with illness, so Sinclair prioritizes reducing stress in her life. Four ways to combat biological aging and increase life expectancy

practice often
intermittent fasting
drink matcha tea
reduce stress

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