Experts warn after spraying disaster in Ankara: it should never be used at home

All apartment residents were affected after pesticides were reportedly used in an apartment in Ankara. While it was learned that 2 people died in the incident and the treatment of the affected people continues, the experts also received a warning. Medical Toxicologist Assoc. Dr. Aynur Şahin also made evaluations on the Ankara incident. associate Dr Şahin said that pesticides should not be used in the home environment and listed what should be done in case of exposure.

“The 112 teams must be called as soon as possible”

Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital Toxicology Intensive Care Unit Supervisor, Medical Toxicologist Assoc. Dr Aynur Şahin said: “It is a very sad event, unfortunately such disasters can occur due to the use of pesticides at home under inappropriate conditions and without adequate safety measures. If not used by professional people without wearing special protective clothing, they are chemical agents that pose a serious danger to human health and cause death. If these products are accidentally or accidentally brought home and there is some form of exposure, patients should remove them from the environment as soon as possible to eliminate all exposure. At the same time, patients should remove contaminated clothing as soon as possible. and wash their bodies with plenty of soap and water. Professional teams should be called to the area as soon as possible by calling 112 teams.

“Very high mortality rate”

Claiming that the exposure status of the patients is important, the mortality rate in such cases is very high, Assoc. Dr Aynur Şahin said: “Agricultural pesticides often contain substances such as aluminum phosphide and zinc phosphite that are really harmful to health. It should never be touched with bare hands, these products must be used under proper safety conditions. It should never be used in domestic or institutional settings, various types of chemicals are used in environments where human exposure may increase. Products for use in pesticides should be purchased from appropriate centers with banderol. Vital organs such as the heart, lungs and central nervous system are particularly affected. Therefore, intensive care and intensive care support for these patients is very important. The main point is a rapid response to these patients and, above all, ending exposure as soon as possible. Since these are products that can be absorbed through the skin, we must limit our own contact with those patients. Without safety measures, we are certainly not allowed to touch those patients. The severity of the clinic may change with the exposed dose. If appropriate treatment, care and support can be provided, there is a chance that these patients could be returned, “but the mortality rate is quite high,” he said.

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