Experts warned: Pregnancy and varicose veins develop at the same time

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şırlak, the heir, said that it is a disease that results in the vein, whose job is to carry dirty blood, unable to do its job, and the blood returns to the place where it from below will be transported upwards and will be fertilized again at the bottom.

Stating that weight is an important issue and an important factor in the formation of varicose veins, Prof. Dr. Sırlak said: “That is why it is important to reach the ideal weight, and we must not forget that these vessels work with movement , and we have to work with muscle movements. A lifestyle with exercise is required. And again, smoking is an important factor. It is necessary to stay away from smoking. Things like a high fiber diet, not being constipated are factors that come to our mind .” said.

prof. Dr Tanzer Çalkavur said: “However, we first encounter numbness in the patient’s lower leg, increasing pain throughout the day, sometimes itching, and in the later stages the vein of the leg becomes more prominent and we encounter vascular enlargement, which we define as varicose veins Apart from that we come across small vascular vascular lesions which we define as much smaller telangiectasia It appears as a symptom of varicose veins in structures If the patient has no complaints and there is no need for serious treatment in terms of intervention in patients who do not have very large varicose veins. However, we give medical treatment to these patients. Medical treatment is much better in patients with very small veins and not very large veins. We do not usually take initiatives in them.”

Stating that one of the most important charts to follow for varicose veins is pregnancy and varicose veins, Prof. Dr. Dilek Erer said:

“It is seen in 30 percent of pregnant women. But it remains in 20 percent of patients after childbirth. 80 percent of them can continue their lives as if there were no varicose veins. Hormone levels change during pregnancy. This erodes the walls of the veins we call varicose veins and the veins expand and as the child grows the pressure inside increases and puts pressure on the veins and our patients complain of more varicose veins.

“Because the blood flowing in the enlarged veins slows down and the uterus and child are suppressed, clots form in these veins,” says Prof. Dr. Erer said: “This clot progresses further and clogs the main vein, throws a clot in the lungs and causes life-threatening conditions for the patient. Pregnant patients should be closely monitored. And if necessary, blood thinners should be given and their stockings and pregnancy processes should be monitored. “What we have to be careful about is that in the first period of 30 days are prone to clots. During this period, these patients should be monitored more closely.”

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