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Karadeniz University of Technology (KTU) Faculty of Medicine Department of Breast Diseases Lecturer Prof. dr. Dr. Tevfik Özlü stated that the plateaus are a very ideal living environment for healthy people without chronic diseases, noting that especially those with chronic diseases, heart failure, COPD or lung hardening can increase their health problems if they go to high altitudes. the highlands are a very ideal living area in this season, Özlü said: “For healthy people and those who do not have chronic diseases, the highlands are a very ideal living area in this season. Indeed, there is more airflow, less humidity and no pollutants, it really is ideal. However, in elderly patients, especially if they have a chronic disease such as heart failure, or patients with diseases such as COPD or lung hardening, their problems may increase if their blood oxygen pressure is low, their oxygen saturation is low. when they go to high altitudes, they may be without oxygen and their shortness of breath may increase. In that regard, I recommend that such patients should consult their doctor, so I recommend getting permission from their doctor to see if I can go to a high altitude place or plateau. Apart from that, going to the highlands is a very good solution for healthy people. The following should also be taken into account here: do not stay too long under the sun, because the sun’s rays come closer at a higher altitude. Especially between 10am-4pm-5pm when the sun’s rays are steep, you should not be in the direct sun and sit in the shade. Skin burns and heat stroke can occur more easily if you stay in the sun. There are trees and forests on some plateaus, but on some it can be difficult to find shade, so it is better to be careful.”

Try to spend time where there is airflow

Özlü pointed out that it is necessary to be more careful in these days when the air temperature is rising, advising to spend time in places where there is air flow and said: “The hot weather has started, it seems that in the coming days .We have to be careful.Especially babies, children, the elderly and people with chronic diseases need to protect themselves well against this hot weather.Especially during the day, when the sun is upright, it is necessary between 10:00 and 16:00-17: 00 not to walk in the sun. During these hours I recommend sitting in the shade and not being exposed to direct sunlight. Try to spend time where there is airflow. Sunstroke can also occur in direct sunlight. Be careful, you can use an umbrella, you can use a hat. Clothing made of synthetic fabrics should not be worn in hot weather, but rather loose, comfortable clothing, especially light cotton, silky, air-permeable clothing. You should drink a lot, of course, you should drink a lot of water drinks. If you are not on a special diet, mineral water, mineral soda, salted buttermilk are the best drinks in this weather. Very heavy meals should not be eaten to the brim and can often be eaten in small portions. Especially the liquid consumption seems to be the most important, it is necessary to consume water. If you have blood pressure, heart disease, or lung disease, especially if you take diuretics, you may experience problems related to these drugs, as your sweating may increase in hot weather and your blood pressure may fluctuate. In that respect, if you have any complaints or problems, you should definitely consult your doctor again about changing or arranging existing medicines. When out in the sun, you should wear sunglasses and use tinted glasses. It is necessary to be careful that there is a lot of moisture loss in the sun and in hot weather. If you don’t replace the lost fluid, you could get heat stroke. Especially in babies and the elderly, this happens much faster,” he said.

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