Extreme heat can cause health problems

Zonguldak Provincial Health Director, Dr. Dr. Ertuğrul Güner, warned citizens due to the extreme heat over the past few days above seasonal norms. Güner said that the body temperature rises due to the increase in temperature and humidity and the metabolism tries to adapt to the new situation: “Extreme temperatures bring various health problems. The body temperature rises due to the increase in temperature and humidity, and the metabolism tries to adapt to this new situation.

Normally, the aim is to keep sweating and body temperature in balance. However, in extremely hot weather, body temperature cannot be balanced by sweat alone. It may not always be possible to balance body temperature with the sweat mechanism in the elderly, infants and people with chronic diseases. Again, if the humidity in the environment is high, the body temperature may not drop sufficiently through sweating. In addition, obesity, high fever due to any disease, excessive fluid loss (dehydration), heart disease, mental and nervous disorders, alcohol and drug use and the use of some therapeutic drugs (such as antihypertensives, diuretics) are other factors that can cause sweating in hot weather. influence again. In such cases, rising body temperature can cause damage to the brain and other vital organs.

Ertuğrul Güner underlined that people with chronic diseases and those living alone are the highest risk group, Ertuğrul Güner said: “You should not go outside during the hottest hours of the day (10am-4pm) unless you have to. Those who have to work outside, should avoid being unprotected in the sun as much as possible, avoid excessive movements, drink water often. When outdoors, light-colored, light, loose and tightly woven fabrics are preferable, wide-brimmed hats with air holes, and sunglasses that protect against the harmful rays of the sun.

During the hours when the sun’s rays are steep (10 a.m.-4 p.m.), swimming and sunbathing are not allowed. Those wishing to swim outside these hours should use sunscreen (with a protection factor of at least 15), take the necessary protective measures such as a hat and goggles, and do not sunbathe for a long time. Morning and evening hours are preferable for intensive physical activity and sports, at least 2-4 glasses of liquid should be taken for every hour of exercise. Strenuous physical activity should be avoided. Babies, children, the disabled and animals must never be left in closed and parked vehicles.

The interior temperature of the vehicles rises very quickly after they are parked, even if there is air conditioning. When exiting the vehicle, make sure everyone gets out. Indoor areas must be well ventilated. Sun-exposed windows, curtains, etc. should be shaded with umbrellas. Take a shower regularly so that the body temperature does not rise; where this is not possible, the feet, hands, face and neck should be wetted with cold water or wiped. Even if there is no feeling of thirst, at least 2-2.5 liters (12-14 glasses) of fluid should be consumed every day.

Sun or sunstroke: It is an image characterized by the inability to lower body temperature due to the deterioration of the sweat mechanism that regulates body temperature due to exposure to excessive heat. Body temperature can rise above 40-41C in 10-15 minutes. Sun or heat stroke can cause permanent damage or death if not treated quickly. If treatment is started before the loss of consciousness, the chances of recovery are quite high. The person should be moved to a cool place with airflow, loosen tight clothing, try to be cooled with cold water or coolers (fan, air conditioner, etc.). If necessary, the airway should be opened and artificial respiration performed.

Sunburn: Sunburn should be avoided as it damages the skin. It is caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. The skin is red, painful and extremely hot. If the affected person has fever, blistering and severe pain or is younger than 1 year, the nearest health facility should be consulted. To avoid sunburn, exposure to sunlight should be avoided, sunburned areas should be wiped with cool water, and a moisturizing medicated lotion should be applied to the affected areas. Oil, tomato paste, yoghurt and toothpaste etc. Substances should not be propelled or exploded. It is respectfully announced to the public that the above issues should receive the utmost attention and concern from our people.”

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