Eye pressure causes vision loss

Claiming that glaucoma is an eye disease that results in its destruction by pressing on the optic nerve due to the increase in intraocular pressure, Uz. Dr Şeyma Mataracı said that as it is an insidious disease, it can cause permanent vision loss over time if left untreated. Flask:

“Eye strain is an insidious disease, usually when you go to the ophthalmologist for any reason, it is diagnosed as a result of routine examinations. Because it is such an insidious disease, unless treated, there is a continual decrease in the visual field and eventually the visual field can narrow and visual acuity can be compromised, resulting in permanent vision loss. That’s why it’s critical to get glaucoma under control with early diagnosis and treatment. This destruction caused by glaucoma is one of the leading causes of preventable vision loss. In untreated eyes, cell death, which sends signals to the brain, increases over time. “Patients don’t notice vision loss until mid-vision is compromised, which is why they don’t turn to the ophthalmologist until the late period.”

Emphasizing that the symptoms of glaucoma do not manifest in the early stages, different symptoms can be observed in different patients, Mataracı said: tension and stiffness in the eye, a feeling of pain when pressed, a sudden or sudden change in vision. of glaucoma such as rapid closure, nausea, temporary blurred vision and halos around lights at night are noticed by patients. In addition, symptoms such as sensitivity to light and watery eyes are seen in the types seen in childhood.

Two types of glaucoma are more common than others. While the open-angle type progresses slowly and painlessly, it may not cause any symptoms for a long time. The closed-angle type can suddenly cause severe pain and loss of vision. The main avoidable risk factor for glaucoma is high intraocular pressure. While it can be seen at any age, the risk is higher in people over 40 years old, especially those over 60 years old. The damage to our vision from the destruction of the optic nerves is irreversible, but it can be controlled. Among the treatment methods of glaucoma, other methods can be applied if the disease cannot be controlled with the treatments applied with drugs. Treatment methods for eye pressure; Eye drops and oral medications as support, laser treatments and surgical procedures are used to prevent and control the progression of the disease.

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