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Dr. Ayşen Aydın provided information about the types of cancer that are common in recent years. exp. Dr Ayşen Aydın said that the most common cancers in women are breast cancer and gynecological cancer, and prostate cancer is most common in men. Dr. Ayşen Aydın noted that the most common cancer in both men and women is lung and colon cancer. Ayşen Aydın explained that the symptoms of cancer can vary depending on the environment where the cancer is located, saying: “If there is a decrease or no decrease in appetite for no reason, weight loss for no reason, getting tired very quickly despite not doing a strenuous job and night sweats for no reason can be suspected cancer. Some cancers also have unique symptoms. For example, breast cancer can have a mass in the breast. Bleeding in the rectum can occur before or after defecation in colon cancer. With lung cancer, a cough that does not go away and bloody sputum may be present. With a brain tumor, fainting and persistent headaches can occur for no reason. In fact, cancer has symptoms depending on which organ it is in.

“Cancers that have spread elsewhere are very important”

Explaining that not all cancers are genetic, but that genetic factors have a major effect, Dr. Dr Aydın said: “According to studies, people with a family history of breast cancer are 30 percent more likely to get breast cancer than people without a history. Another example of genetic cancer is colon cancer, that is, cancer of the colon. Of course, not all cancers are hereditary. I think many factors such as environmental pollution, increased chemical waste in the environment, GMO food, the increase in chronic diseases and the use of too many drugs due to these diseases cause cancer.

Emphasizing that metastatic cancers are the most dangerous cancers, Dr. Aydın said: “Any cancers that have spread to another place are very important to us. These cancers develop insidiously and do not show symptoms easily, so they usually go to the doctor in the 3rd or 4th stage, that is, towards the end. At the same time, very intensive treatment must be applied,” he said.

“There may be cellular spreads that we cannot detect before and after treatment”

In his statements about cancer recurrence, Aydın said that there are cancer cells that can be detected in the body, but if the immune system is working actively, these cancer cells can be eliminated by the body before multiplying and becoming a disease. . For this, he stated that there are natural killer cancer cells in the body called “natural killers” and these cells find and destroy cancer cells in the body. Aydın said that there are some situations that can disrupt the immune system and said: “In cases such as major surgery, severe stress, exposure to chemicals, the immune system is disrupted and cannot kill cancer cells. These cancer cells can multiply and become a disease there. While these are treated, there may be cellular metastases that we were unable to detect before and after treatment. It can spread from that area after a while. Because the body creates it, what it creates in one place, it can create it in another. We approach from a holistic approach. “We are trying to identify the factors that are causing this, fix them and prevent it from happening again,” he said.

Aydın also listed what should be done to minimize the risk of cancer and said: “Bad habits should be avoided. We must not use drugs unnecessarily. We are not allowed to put chemicals in our body. Our diet is very important, we must eat regularly and in a balanced way. We should stay away from canned foods and packaged foods. Sleep pattern is very important. Stress is one of the major factors that increase the risk of cancer.

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