Facts you need to know about Italian cuisine!

Tomatoes and fresh herbs are among the most important flavors in Italian cuisine. Tomato is a very popular vegetable in Italian cuisine and is used for sauces, pizzas and salads. Fresh herbs are used to flavor and flavor dishes. Fresh herbs commonly used in Italian cooking include thyme, rosemary, parsley, basil, and mint.

Italian cuisine Culture and history

Italian cuisine is known and loved all over the world. Italy is full of many ingredients and dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine. Italian cuisine has been influenced by many cultures and civilizations.

The history of Italian cuisine dates back to the Roman Empire. At that time, Italian cuisine was one that consisted of local ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and wine. Italian cuisine continued to exert influence throughout the Middle Ages and many delicious recipes emerged during that time.

Renaissance Italy was a turning point for Italian cuisine. During this period, Italian cuisine became more refined and enriched. Chefs created new flavors by combining different ingredients. During this period, Italian cuisine became known all over the world.

The diversity in Italian cuisine comes from ingredients grown in different parts of the country. For example, the Naples region is known for its world-famous pizza, while the Bologna region is known for its pasta and ragu sauces. The Roman region is notable for its pasta dishes such as carbonara and amatriciana, while the Sicilian region is famous for its fresh seafood and desserts.

Italian cuisine has also influenced many food cultures around the world. For example, Italian cuisine has had a major influence on American cuisine, particularly New York style pizza.

Famous dishes in Italian cuisine

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Italian cuisine is known and loved all over the world for its many flavors. Each region of Italy has its own unique dishes and flavors. Famous dishes of Italian cuisine include:

Spaghetti carbonara

Originating from the Lazio region of Italy, this dish is a pasta dish made with spaghetti pasta, eggs, guanciale (a local type of ham), and Parmesan cheese. Made with simple ingredients, this dish is one of the favorite dishes in Italian cuisine.

Margherita pizza

Pizza, one of the most famous dishes of Italian cuisine, originated in the Naples region. Margherita pizza is a type of pizza made with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves on a thin crust. This pizza, made with simple ingredients, is one of the basic flavors of Italian cuisine.


One of the most popular dishes in Italian cuisine, lasagna is a dish made by combining different ingredients. Pasta leaves, bolognese sauce, béchamel sauce and Parmesan cheese are used in making lasagna. Lasagna, made by layering these ingredients, is one of the must-have flavors of Italian cuisine.


Risotto, one of the most delicious dishes of Italian cuisine, is a dish made from short-grain rice, fresh herbs, chicken broth and Parmesan cheese. Risotto, made in different regions of Italian cuisine, is one of the most important flavors of Italian cuisine.


Osso Buco, one of the most special dishes of Italian cuisine, comes from the Milan region. This dish is prepared by slowly cooking slices of veal with vegetables. Osso Buco is one of the tastiest dishes in Italian cuisine.

Basic flavors in Italian cuisine

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Italian cuisine is very famous all over the world and is based on simple yet delicious dishes. The basic flavors of Italian cuisine are pasta, pizza, parmesan cheese and mozzarella, olive oil, tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Pasta is one of the most important flavors of Italian cuisine. Making pasta has become an art in Italy and each region has different varieties in its own way. Pastas are prepared with different shapes and sauces. For example, pastas of different shapes such as spaghetti, penne, fusilli and ravioli are served with different sauces such as pesto, Bolognese, Alfredo and Carbonara.

Pizza is a delicacy of Italian cuisine that has spread all over the world. Pizza comes from street food in Naples. When making pizzas, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and various ingredients are placed on thin dough. Different types of pizza are made in different regions of Italy.

Parmesan and Mozzarella cheeses are indispensable flavors of Italian cuisine. Parmesan is a cheese made in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It is aged for a long time and served grated. Mozzarella is a cheese made in the south of Italy. Mozzarella cheese, which is used in pizzas and salads with its soft texture, is one of the staple flavors of Italian cuisine.

Olive oil is one of the most important flavors in Italian cuisine. Italian olive oil is obtained from a quality and delicious olive tree. Olive oil is used in various dishes such as salads, pastas and sauces.

Interesting facts about Italian cuisine

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Italian cuisine is one of the best known and most loved cuisines in the world. When you go to Italy or travel anywhere in the world, you are sure to come across an Italian restaurant in the side streets or streets of the city. In this content, we have listed some surprising information about Italian cuisine.

1. The rise of Italian food

After the fall of the Roman Empire, different cities began to separate and form their own traditions and the Italian food culture was born.

2. The sauce is very important

They spend more effort on pasta sauce than on pasta. These sauces form the basis of pasta.

3. They eat for pleasure, not satisfaction

It must be because every Italian grows their own basil at home, makes their own mozzarella cheese and rolls their own pasta. The world fame of Italian cuisine, where the use of frozen ingredients is considered shameful, is also due to the fresh ingredients.

4. Order Order

You went to a restaurant for dinner. You took the menu and made a choice from the main course. The waiter will resist this situation. Because in Italian cuisine, eating dinner has a mission. First you need to place an initial order. Then you need to order pasta, meat or fish, cheeses, fruit, dessert and finally a stomach ache.

5. You can’t eat bread with pasta

Anyone eating bread and pasta? If you find yourself in Italy one day, know that eating pasta and bread is not considered appropriate by Italians. If you say you have to eat bread, you can ask bread to scrape off the remaining sauce when you’re done with your pasta. This is a compliment to Italians. It means that the pasta sauce is very popular.

6. Don’t drink these with pizza

Let’s say you ordered pizza. As a drink, you asked for a Coke or a fizzy drink. Do not do this. Because in Italy you can only order two things besides pizza. Water and wine!

What is Italian Cuisine?

Italian cuisine is a combination of dishes and drinks traditionally prepared in Italy. It is known for using ingredients such as pasta, pizza, risotto, fresh herbs and olive oil.

Is Italian cuisine popular all over the world?

Yes, Italian cuisine is very popular all over the world. Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza are widely consumed in restaurants and fast food chains in many countries.

What are the basic ingredients in Italian cooking?

Basic ingredients in Italian cuisine are pasta, tomato sauce, olive oil, fresh herbs, cheeses, fresh vegetables, seafood, meat, pastries and wine.

What are the most popular dishes in Italian cuisine?

The most popular dishes in Italian cuisine are pizza, pasta, lasagna, risotto, tiramisu, cannoli, panzanella, caprese salad, desserts such as limoncello and many different pasta dishes.

What are the specialties of Italian cuisine?

The specialties of Italian cuisine are fresh herbs, olive oil, cheeses, seafood, fresh vegetables, pastries, a variety of pasta dishes, gelato, wine and espresso.

Is Italian cuisine difficult to prepare?

Most dishes in Italian cuisine are quite simple and easy to prepare. The quality, freshness and use of the ingredients in the right proportions are very important for the taste of the food. To prepare a good Italian meal, using quality ingredients and using proper cooking techniques are essential.

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