Fake sunglasses can harm your health

Optician Evren Kınık, who has been working as an optician in Kars for about 28 years, stated that ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun damage the lens and retina of the eye.

Kınık pointed out that fake sunglasses, which people subconsciously prefer because they are “cheap”, bring many problems in terms of eye health.

Optician Evren Kınık said: “Sunglasses should be used to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays. However, poor quality sunglasses on the market can cause permanent damage to your health. Eyes should be protected from ultraviolet rays with real sunglasses. Fake sunglasses cause excessive pupil dilation due to their color. Since poor-quality glass cannot block ultraviolet rays, more harmful rays penetrate the full focus of the eye. This leaves permanent damage to the eye that can extend as far as the bellows. It is not known under what conditions most Far Eastern peddler sunglasses were produced. When we wear sunglasses in sunny weather, our pupils open more. So our eyes get more light. If the lenses are of poor quality, more UV rays enter our eyes. We inadvertently cause damage to our eyes that can lead to blindness. In this case, it is actually better not to wear glasses at all,” he said.

Kınık said that glasses should be bought from places approved by the Ministry of Health and said: “The most harmful light from the sun to the eyes is ultraviolet light. People need to buy glasses that can filter and absorb these rays. The Ministry of Health carries out all kinds of inspections at opticians. These products should be purchased from opticians and people should explain their purpose to their opticians and choose glasses accordingly.”

Evren Kınık said: “Since poor-quality glass cannot block ultraviolet rays, more harmful rays penetrate the entire focal point of the eye. This causes permanent damage to the eye, which can lead to blindness. When buying sunglasses, it is imperative to choose sunglasses that protect eye health in the long run. The choice of sunglasses is a serious matter that requires attention and has a great impact on eye health, apart from the aesthetic suitability that we are more interested in. For this reason to vote You have to be very careful while doing it. Our citizens should absolutely not buy cheap sunglasses that are sold outside,” he said.

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