Fake sunglasses warning from the expert

Yavuz, who works as an optician in the central Artuklu district, explained the ways to protect himself from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays and warned citizens about the fake and very cheap glasses being sold.

Yavuz explained the differences between correct sunglasses and fake sunglasses and stated that incorrectly chosen sunglasses have serious consequences for eye health: “With the deterioration of the ecological balance, UV rays from sun rays have become harmful. “We have a kind of glass. The first is polarized glass and the second is UV400 glass. We have to choose a glass based on how much we are surrounded by the sun,” he said.

Yavuz said it is necessary to pay attention to the type of glass and glass color preferred in sunglasses, “We should pay attention to the glasses that we call polarized glass and UV400 glass when using sunglasses. There are blue glass , black glass, gray glass and many other colored glasses in his glasses. We should choose glasses depending on how much the sun absorbs our location,” he said.

Explaining the dangers and drawbacks of fake sunglasses, Yavuz said, “When we use fake sunglasses, we attract the harmful rays that get into our eyes instead of protecting our eyes from the sun. However, many diseases can be encountered. It is one of these diseases, such as permanent blindness and strabismus,” he said.

Yavuz said, “We don’t have a final judgment on lens use, like whether you use them or not,” Yavuz said. “After a while, it can cause thinning of the pupil. This should not be ignored,” Yavuz said. he said.

Yavuz, who warns to be careful on the websites where sunglasses are bought, said: “You have to pay attention to the pages on the internet page you are going to buy. We must be careful not to buy fake and illegal products at cheap prices from untrustworthy pages. Because we are faced with a lot of counterfeit products,” he said.

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