Fakir Lyric Poem Features and Reviews

Hair is one of the most important accessories for women and using this accessory perfectly is something that women are always looking for. Fakir Lyric Poem Curling Iron offers all the features you need to perfectly style your hair. At the same time, it knows how to please you with its advanced technology. If you are ready, let’s see all the details about Fakir Lyric Poem together in this content.

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Plate Width 25mm
Warm-up time Not specified
Heat setting There is
Weight Not specified
Ion function There is
power 50W

Fakir lyrics curling iron

The Fakir Lyric Poem Curling Iron is designed as a medium sized curling iron. The curling iron with a diameter of 25 mm is ideal enough to get full and natural curls. It also increases the comfort of use by offering more freedom of movement thanks to the 2 meter long cable.

Here are all the details about the Fakir Lyric Poem curling iron:

Fakir Lyric Poem Technical Specifications

  • 25 mm plate width
  • 50 watts of power
  • 140-160-180-200 degrees heating level
  • 2 meter power cord
  • Tourmaline ceramic coating
  • Automatic shut-off in 60 minutes
  • LED screen function
  • temperature display
  • Easy to use

Fakir Lyric Heat and temperature setting

Heat setting 140-160-180-200
Heat phase 4
power 50W

Fakir Lyric Poem Curling Iron provides a suitable heat level for all hair types thanks to the heat and temperature setting options. The temperature range of the product varies between 140-160-180-200 degrees. By choosing the heat level your hair needs, you can achieve perfect curls without damaging your hair. At the same time, the 50-watt power of the device helps to reduce the warm-up time.

Bad lyric design

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The Fakir Lyric Poem curling iron offers a modern and stylish look with its White Pink Chrome color option. The tourmaline ceramic coating of the product helps you achieve an ideal result while providing a natural shine without damaging your hair. In addition, the pliers head is held and stored securely thanks to the locking system. So it ensures safe use for you.

Fakir lyric warm up time

Fakir Lyric Poem is ready to use in a very short time thanks to the fast heat-up function. This feature is a great convenience for those who need to get ready in a hurry in the morning. It also offers a more practical use.

Poor performance of the lyric poem

The Fakir Lyric Poem curling iron creates natural and flawless curls without damaging your hair. The ion function of the product prevents your hair from becoming electrified and makes your hair look brighter and healthier. The product’s 25mm diameter is also ideal for creating fuller curls. At the same time, the product’s various heat options also make the device versatile.

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Fakir Lyric Poem is a user-friendly curling iron. Features such as the ion function, auto shut-off, digital display and heat setting options allow users to operate the fork with ease. The curling iron delivers high performance thanks to the tourmaline ceramic coating. The heat settings, rapid heating and heat settings also allow users to achieve desired curls. Fakir Lyric Poem also creates natural-looking curls without damaging the hair. Thanks to the keratin-added tourmaline ceramic coating, it protects your hair from heat damage and does not fail to give it a shiny appearance. The curling iron switches off automatically when not in use. This feature manages to save energy while putting your safety first.

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Disadvantages of bad lyric

Some users may complain that the curling iron destroys the natural oils in their hair while styling their hair due to the keratin tourmaline ceramic coating. This can also be seen as one of the disadvantages of the curling iron. At the same time, the width of the product may not give an ideal result for some users.

Fakir Lyric Poem User Reviews

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Here are the positive and negative comments from those who use Fakir Lyric Poem:

💬 The product is great, friends, it is so beautiful that it immediately warmed up, the use of the screen is very nice, it is also nice that it is digital. I really like the color box.

💬 It heats up very quickly and molds quickly, the box is also very beautiful, I am very satisfied.

💬 I am very satisfied, it has gradual heat adjustment, fast heating, automatic shutdown functions are very nice. I recommend it to those who are considering it.

💬 A super product, number one for permanent curls. Thank you. It heats up quickly, I like that.

💬 I love making thick curls and I like it a lot. In this sense, this poor man’s pliers helped me a lot. It heats up very quickly, I can get very fast results. Because it has a thick diameter, I get exactly the results I want. I was very satisfied.

💬 The product is very good, it heats up quickly and I was able to mold it easily. It is long in size, but I think I am satisfied with this positive aspect

💬 It’s a really great product, I like it a lot, it makes hair soft, it also heats up very quickly. 5 stars from me.

💬 It has good performance for its price and heats up easily. The tables are beautiful. You can choose if you want it to be both economical and get the job done.

💬 Yes, it looks multifunctional, but what if your hair gets electrified like me? It has an ion function, there is no locking system, in addition, it does not straighten my hair at 200 degrees, it leaves it wavy.

💬 Honestly, the durability of the product was not enough for me. It could have been much better, I was not satisfied.

Scoring and rating

Poor curling iron Lyric Poem; It is distinguished by its high performance, hair protection function, easy use and automatic shut-off function. With its pliers with a diameter of 25 mm and a cord of 2 meters, it offers you a lot of convenience. This curling iron proves to be a great option for those who want to create natural-looking curls, although the price is a bit steep. Our score for this stylish and versatile device is a 7 out of 10.

In this part of our content, we answer frequently asked questions about the Fakir Lyric Poem curling iron.

What hair types can be used with the poor Lyric Poem curling iron?

Fakir Lyric Poem curling iron is a product suitable for all hair types. Especially those with wavy or curly hair can easily shape their hair into the desired shape thanks to the product’s heat setting options. In addition, thanks to the keratin-added tourmaline ceramic coating of the product, the health of your hair is also taken care of.

How many seconds does the poor Lyric Poem curling iron heat up?

The Fakir Lyric Poem curling iron heats up quickly and is ready to use in about 30 seconds. This allows users to save time and style their hair in a short time.

What is the cord length of the poor Lyric Poem curling iron?

The cable length of the poor Lyric Poem curling iron is 2 meters. This length allows users to style their hair with ease.

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