Fakir Tvl 90 S review

When we are looking for a breather from the hot and sweltering air of summer, being able to relax with a cool breeze becomes a great blessing. At this point, the tower type fan called Fakir Tvl 90 S comes into play. This stylish and modern designed fan impresses with its elegance while cooling your rooms.

Fakir Tvl 90 S is a product that aims to exceed users’ expectations with its features. With its 90 W motor, it provides effective air circulation and instantly cools your room. In addition, the remote control system allows you to easily make the desired speed and swing settings.

Fakir Tvl 90 S Features

Type Tower type
power 90W
Controlling type remote control
Weight 4.9 kg
Number of levels 3
Height 70 cm
Show functions LCD Display

Fakir Tvl 90 S review

In our article you will find more detailed information about the design, material quality, power, functions and more of the Fakir Tvl 90 S. If you want to cool down on hot summer days and spend time in a comfortable environment, the Fakir Tvl 90 S be a great option for you. Are you ready? So let’s take a closer look at this stylish tower fan.

Here is all the information about Fakir Tvl 90 S;

Fakir Tvl 90 S Design and dimensions

Fakir Tvl 90 S has an elegant and modern design. The tower type fan structure saves space and provides ease of use in any room. Its dimensions also allow users to easily place it wherever they want. With its stylish and compact design, it adapts to any interior.

Fakir Tvl 90 S Material Quality

Fakir Tvl 90 S is made of high quality plastic materials. These materials have been carefully selected for durability and long-term use. The material quality of the fan gives confidence with its strength and durability. Produced according to the quality standards of the Fakir brand, this fan can serve you for years.

Fakir TVL 90S Power

Fakir Tvl 90 S works with 90 W power. This high power ensures effective air circulation and helps to cool down your room quickly. It offers high performance with its powerful motor and circulates the air quickly. The high power allows the fan to work efficiently and effectively.

Fakir Tvl 90 S Screen Features

Fakir Tvl 90 S review

There is no clear information about Fakir Tvl 90 S. Therefore, it can be thought that the fan has no display functions. However, the buttons and indicators on the fan’s controller allow users to easily make adjustments. Despite the lack of clear screen information, it offers a user-friendly and practical experience.

Fakir Tvl 90 S Weight

Fakir Tvl 90 S stands out as an easy to carry fan with a weight of 4.9 kg. Thanks to its lightweight structure, you can easily take it with you and use it wherever you want. The low weight increases the portability of the fan and offers flexibility for use in different rooms.

Fakir Tvl 90 S Features

Fakir Tvl 90 S review

The Fakir Tvl 90 S allows users to easily manage the fan thanks to the remote control system. You can easily adjust the speed and swing settings with the buttons on the remote control. Three speed settings allow you to adjust the fan speed to suit different needs. Under the functions, no information is given about the timed function.

Can I buy Fakir Tvl 90 S?

Fakir Tvl 90 S is a product manufactured in accordance with the quality and reliability standards of the Fakir brand. It leaves a positive impression with its powerful performance, user-friendly controls and durable material quality. It can adapt to your decoration with its black and white color option. Given the reliability and long-term use of the Fakir brand, we can say that the Fakir Tvl 90 S is an affordable fan.

Fakir Tvl 90 S Fan reviews

Fakir Tvl 90 S review

👤 *** ***: I have no negative thoughts about the product, but when the fast freight delivered the product, the cargo package was damaged as shown in the pictures, the package was obviously rolled like a ball Therefore, one of the ventilation panels damaged.

👤 *** ***: No one added photos correctly, as a comment I wanted to add it. It’s really good quality and it even managed to keep us cold on the lowest setting, the volume gets louder in levels 2 and 3 but it’s natural. Don’t be fooled by comments like it’s not cool as others have said. I bought it because I did not believe it because I always know the quality of Fakir, I do not regret it, I recommend it to everyone.

👤 *** ***: The product is simple, useful and beautiful. However, one should not expect air conditioning performance. I can say it is a tick better and technological than normal fans. Especially with its light weight, carrying handle and remote control, it provides a lot of comfort in the house during the day. In addition, it does not take up too much space. The timing is also fine. Full price performance.

👤 *** ***: Hello everyone. First of all I would like to thank the seller called Teknikmateriler. I wanted to start by thanking the seller; because everything starts with the seller first. The product was prepared immediately after receiving the order and delivered to me the next day. However, the product arrived intact. As for the product, it should be remembered that this product is not an air conditioner, but a fan.

👤 *** ***: 1st stage is fun, but makes serious noise in the home environment because the motor runs at high speed in other stages. I can’t officially hear the TV but I have no problem as 1m is generally enough. very nice product

👤 *** ***: I like it very much, I do not understand those who say that on one level it is very windy, there is no noise. They go to the sea and try to cool off in the noise. They cannot tolerate light noise at home. I am very satisfied, the sound is not loud even at three

👤 *** ***: It runs much louder than Digitsu’s tower fan, but it’s more powerful than that, 90W, and it definitely blows a lot more cold air.

👤 *** ***: It consists of 3 modes, you will not hear the sound when the slowest mode is running, but if it is not hall, it is enough for cooling. Medium position is for somewhat large rooms, 3rd position is not very disturbing for large halls. My first use and impressions are in this direction. I am now satisfied.

👤 *** ***: The product is fine, as said, there is not much noise in the 1st and 2nd stages. Since you don’t need the last level much, it will work for me. I like it, it’s nice and cooling.

👤 *** ***: I didn’t think it would perform this well when I bought it. It is a very good product if there is no moisture in the heat of Adana. In humid weather, we use fans instead of air conditioners.

👤 *** ***: A quality brand produces a quality product, once you receive it, you receive a quality product. I tried the product, it is very stylish and works well, the blower is very successful, it is a good device with a remote control.

What are the speed settings of Fakir Tvl 90 S?

Fakir Tvl 90 S has 3 speeds. This way you can control the airflow by selecting the desired speed level.

Does Fakir Tvl 90 S have an oscillating function?

Yes, Fakir Tvl 90 S has an oscillating function. Thanks to the remote control system, you determine the desired rotation angle and let the fan spread the air over a larger part of the room.

Does Fakir Tvl 90 S have a timer function?

Sorry, Fakir Tvl 90 S does not have a timer function. However, thanks to the remote control system, you can turn the fan on and off whenever you want.

What is the height of the Fakir Tvl 90 S?

The height of the Fakir Tvl 90 S is approximately 70 cm. Due to this size, the fan can be used comfortably wherever you want.

What color options does Fakir Tvl 90 S have?

Fakir Tvl 90 S is offered in black and white. This color option offers a stylish look and adapts to your decoration.

How much does the Fakir Tvl 90 S weigh?

The weight of Fakir Tvl 90 S is 4.9 kg. This lightness makes it easy for users to carry the fan and use it in different rooms.

In which areas of application is Fakir Tvl 90 S suitable?

Fakir Tvl 90 S is designed for ground use. It is an ideal option for cooling your homes, offices or other indoor spaces.

What connection type of Fakir Tvl 90 S does it use?

Fakir Tvl 90 S uses the connection type socket. This way you can easily connect it to the electricity grid and start using it.

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