Fakir VC 20 S review

Providing coolness and refreshment in hot weather can be everyone’s priority. One of the ways to create a comfortable environment at home or in the office is to use an effective fan. This is where the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan comes into play. Notable for its stylish design, user-friendly features and high performance, this fan can be an ideal option to meet your need for cooling.

Fakir VC 20 S Features

Type Tower type
power 55W
Controlling type without remote control
Weight 3.5 kg
Number of levels 3
Height 135cm
Panel functions with keys

Fakir VC 20 S review

The Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan adds an aesthetic touch to any interior with its tower-like design. If you want to feel the coolness in your home or office without sacrificing elegance, this fan is for you. In addition, it has a durable structure thanks to its sturdy metal cage and is a product that you can use safely for years.

The user-friendly features of this fan ensure ease of use. The type of remote control allows you to easily and quickly adjust your fan settings. Thanks to the height-adjustable option, you can set the fan to the level you want. It is possible to get the desired airflow with three-stage options and a large fan diameter.

Here is all the information about the Fakir VC 20 S;

Design and dimensions of the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan

The Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan has a modern and stylish design. The tower-like structure provides users with an elegant appearance and easily blends into any interior. In addition, you can use the fan comfortably and space-saving thanks to its compact dimensions (diameter 50 cm, depth 500 mm, height 1350 mm).

Fakir VC 20 S Standing fan Material quality

Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan is manufactured with high quality materials. Metal mesh material increases the durability of the fan and allows long-term use. The metal cage also provides safe use and provides additional protection for children or pets.

Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan power

Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan has a power consumption of 55 W, which ensures energy efficiency. This helps users save energy and keep their electricity bills low. It offers both an eco-friendly and budget-friendly option.

Features of the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan panel

Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan has practical panel features for ease of use. A remote control type allows you to make adjustments easily and quickly. Adjustable pitch options allow you to get the airflow you want.

Fakir VC 20 S Pedestal Fan Weight

Fakir VC 20 S

The Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan has a lightweight structure that offers advantages in terms of portability. With a weight of only 3.5 kg, it is easy to carry and you can place it anywhere you want in different rooms or places.

Features of the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan

Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan combines many functions for users. Thanks to the automatic oscillation function, the fan can distribute the airflow in the room over a larger area. Adjustable height adapts to different usage scenarios. You can control the airflow as you like with three stage options.

Can I buy a Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan?

The Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan is a product that stands out for its stylish design, high material quality and user-friendly features. It can be an ideal choice to create a cool and comfortable environment in your home or office. However, it is important to consider your own needs and preferences when choosing a fan. If the fan features and dimensions meet your needs, the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan may be a suitable option for you.

Fakir VC 20 S Monitor reviews

Fakir VC 20 S

👤 *** ***: I bought it because it is necessary to buy a fan in this year’s hot weather in Ankara, it was shipped the day I ordered and the product arrived the next day , it works very well even on level 1 , the only negative is level 3 or something. it works noisy but i think it’s normal

👤 *** ***: As for the product, the cooling is great. Quiet enough. But I have paid attention that it is lighter than similar products that I like best, especially when I carry it to other rooms. The product is very good for the price.

👤 *** ***: The product arrived very quickly, but one part was wrong, the company was very interested and they sent the missing part right after it. It blows very well even at 1st level, we hope we can use it for many years.

👤 *** ***: The product was delivered disassembled. You can install it easily. The propeller part is plastic. The sound is not disturbing. It gives a very strong coolness. The cargo arrived in a short time.

👤 *** ***: Since we haven’t come out of the winter season yet, we haven’t been able to test its effectiveness, but it still seems to be effective, quality and stylish. Thanks to all involved.

👤 *** ***: Does it make noise? yes, according to classic fans, but does it cool better than them, yes. 1st level is enough.

👤 *** ***: I bought the product by researching the make and model because I got a chance to use it on my brother. However, it was surprising that there was a foot error in the zero product. I think the products should be checked before shipping.

👤 *** ***: Very good. I had some difficulty with the installation, the user manual described the installation as if it said “install and run the product”. Other than that it’s beautiful. Even though my living room is very big, 2 positions were enough.

👤 *** ***: The shipping and delivery part was very fast. It was very good that it shipped the same day and reached me after 2 days. The 5 propellers, which are very suitable for sound and cooling, are very effective in this. I think it is very suitable for home use.

👤 *** ***: Effective on an area of ​​20 m2, even on the 1st level. We generally use it in level 1. The product is not silent, for your information. But the quality is excellent. I would definitely recommend.

Is the assembly of the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan a difficult process?

No, the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan is very easy to install. The user manual contains step-by-step instructions and you can quickly get the fan ready for use. Usually it is possible to install the fan by following a few simple steps.

Is it possible to adjust the fan speed of the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan?

Yes, the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan offers three fan speed options. In this way, users can choose the desired airflow and adjust the performance of the fan according to their needs.

Does the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan operate silently?

Yes, the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan has a silent operation. The advanced technology and optimized design of the fan ensure silent operation. This allows you to feel the coolness without discomfort when using the fan in the bedroom or work environment.

Does the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan have a timer function?

No, the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan does not have a timer function. This model is a manual fan. However, it can still meet users’ expectations with its other features and ease of use.

Is the height of the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan adjustable?

Yes, the Fakir VC 20 S Stand fan is adjustable in height. Thanks to the height-adjustable function, you can raise the fan to the desired level and direct the airflow as needed.

Q: Is the Fakir VC 20 S pedestal fan an energy efficient product?

Yes, the Fakir VC 20 S Pedestal Fan is an energy efficient option. With a power consumption of 55 W, it ensures energy efficiency and helps you keep your electricity bill low. This way you can make a choice that is both environmentally and budget-friendly.

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