Features of the Profilo KM8610HTR Dryer

The dryer Profilo KM8610HTR attracts attention with its modern technology and stylish design, while making our lives easier, especially in winter when we cannot dry our laundry naturally.

Dryer Profilo KM8610HTR dries your laundry with minimal energy consumption thanks to the state-of-the-art sensors. So you can both save on your electricity bill and find the opportunity to protect the environment.

Profilo KM8610HTR Features

Capacity 8kg
Weight 47.9kg
Number of programs 9
Remote control No
Volume 65dB

Profilo KM8610HTR Dryer

The design of the Profilo KM8610HTR dryer is also very stylish and modern. Thanks to the large and clear drum, you can easily see every detail in your laundry. In addition, the device is very easy to use. Thanks to the touch screen, program selection and operation of the device has become quite easy.

With these features, the Profilo KM8610HTR tumble dryer is an excellent option to meet your home’s white goods needs. This appliance, which will meet your expectations both functionally and aesthetically, will make your life easier and better protect your laundry.

Here are all the details about the Profilo KM8610HTR Dryer;

Profile KM8610HTR Design

The dryer Profilo KM8610HTR, with its white color, manages to adapt to the decoration of your home. This machine, which is easy to use with its right-handed cover, has become very handy thanks to its LCD screen and touch keys. While you can easily select the washing-drying programs with the LCD screen, you can operate the device in a simple and practical way with the touch buttons.

In addition, the drum of the Profilo KM8610HTR dryer has a very wide and light structure. This way you can easily see every detail of your laundry and more laundry will fit in the drum.

Combining aesthetics and functionality with its design, the Profilo KM8610HTR dryer is an excellent option to meet the white goods needs of modern homes. This appliance, with every detail carefully considered, will enhance both the appearance and quality of life of your home.

Profilo KM8610HTR Capacity

Profilo KM8610HTR, designed with a drying capacity of 8 kilograms, is an ideal choice for large families and homes with a lot of laundry. This machine, which stands out for its compact structure, allows you to dry all the laundry that comes out of the washing machine in one go, revealing its functionality in terms of use.

Profilo KM8610HTR Dimensions and weight

Height 842mm
Width 598mm
Depth 613mm
Weight 47.9kg

Profilo KM8610HTR, which stands out for its height of 842 mm, has achieved a compact shape thanks to its width of 598 mm and depth of 613 mm. But with its weight of only 47.9 kilograms, you can also easily move it around the house. In addition, its minimal dimensions have helped it to adapt to any environment.

Profilo KM8610HTR Technical specifications

  • 8 kg drying capacity
  • reload function
  • Dry safely with AutoDry
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Multiple program options
  • dust filter
  • Humidity detection with humidity sensor
  • Gentle drying

Profilo KM8610HTR Energy consumption

Energy efficiency class A++
Volume 65dB
Condensing efficiency class B

The Profilo KM8610HTR tumble dryer offers high energy efficiency with energy class A++. Minimizing energy consumption during the drying process, this machine succeeds in satisfying its users in terms of energy savings. Condensation efficiency class is determined as B and takes the condensation of humid air to a more efficient point.

Thanks to the noise level of 65 dB, it is possible to read a book or sleep without being disturbed by the noise of the machine.

Profilo KM8610HTR Programs and usage

Profile KM8610HTR

With the crease reduction function of Profilo KM8610HTR you reduce the risk of your laundry creasing during the drying process. With the AutoDry function you can automatically adjust the drying time according to the humidity level and dry your laundry in a practical way.

Thanks to the adjustable drying level, you can be sure of the safety of your delicate laundry by adjusting the drying level of your laundry to your own preference.

Thanks to the Reload function, you can stop the machine at any time, add your laundry and continue the drying process.

The Profilo KM8610HTR dryer operates silently and stably with its anti-vibration side wall design. In this way, the noise of the machine during the drying process is reduced to a minimum and the machine works more stable.

Profilo KM8610HTR is a machine that offers a lot of ease of use with its programs. Profilo KM8610HTR Programs;

  • Shirts/blouses
  • Towels
  • underwear
  • Mixed
  • outdoors
  • Super short 40′
  • Latest application in wool fabrics
  • time program
  • time program cold

It allows the laundry to be dried efficiently and with high performance.

Profilo KM8610HTR reviews

👤 *** ***: We have been using the product for 4 months now. The drying performance is very good. The programs are sufficient. It has a gentle cycle that dries at a lower temperature for delicate shrink-wrapped clothes.

👤 *** ***: Filter cleaning and maintenance is easy, you can comfortably do it yourself. Visually it looks better than in the photos. It’s a product that you’ll say why you didn’t buy it sooner after you buy it. Especially in places like Istanbul where it is difficult to dry damp laundry near the sea.

👤 *** ***: The drying performance is very good. Thanks to the humidity sensor, the laundry stops when it dries, not within the time specified in the machine. It also does not wear out the clothes. If you throw it in the right program, pulling, exhausting, etc. he doesn’t. Having a double dust filter is also very good.

👤 *** ***: The drying function is very good, the working noise is not disturbing, the clothes come out dry and softer. We are happy with the result. I would recommend buying a machine.

👤 *** ***: I researched all brands for 1 year and chose this machine. That’s why Profilo turned out better in my washing machine. I’ve been using it for a week, it’s really great, I cried why I didn’t buy it until now. Drying is of course going very well, in terms of sound it will do well, it’s normal, I’m glad I bought it.

👤 *** ***: I would recommend the product to anyone who needs it. It is a complete value for money product. I am very satisfied. The sound is very light and not disturbing.

👤 *** ***: If your service washing machine is from another brand, it cannot be installed on it, does not offer a connection device, I say buy it consciously.

👤 *** ***: His voice is too loud. Also, the drying time is quite long, I didn’t like it.

Editor’s Comments

Profile KM8610HTR

If you’re looking for a time and energy-saving device to dry your laundry, the Profilo KM8610HTR tumble dryer might be just what you need.

Thanks to the crease reduction option of this product, a special mode is provided to reduce creases in your laundry. With its adjustable drying level and AutoDry functions, the machine offers completely specific drying options for you. This way you have the option to adjust the drying time and the amount of your laundry to your own liking.

The anti-vibration sidewall design of this machine, which is also very convenient with the reload function, ensures quiet and stable operation. Thanks to this function, the noise level while drying your laundry is reduced to a minimum.

In short, the Profilo KM8610HTR dryer is a device that has the features you need to dry all types of laundry. Energy class A++ and condensation efficiency class B are also benefits in terms of both energy savings and drying performance.

If you are looking for a quality and convenient device for drying clothes in your home, the Profilo KM8610HTR dryer may be the ideal option for you due to its features and design.

In this section we answer the questions about the Profilo KM8610HTR dryer.

How many kilograms of laundry does the Profilo KM8610HTR dryer have?

Profilo KM8610HTR dryer has a washing capacity of 8 kilograms. This way you dry more laundry at the same time and save time.

What is the Profilo KM8610HTR energy class?

The energy class of the Profilo KM8610HTR dryer is A++. This way you can help both nature and your wallet by saving energy.

What does the Profilo KM8610HTR Wrinkle Reduction option do?

The wrinkle reduction option reduces the creasing of the clothes thanks to the steam produced by the machine. Your laundry will crease less and you won’t have to iron as much.

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