First aid is important with a stroke

exp. Dr. Erhan Özfidan gave important information about the paralysis disease and the treatments applied in the hospital. Dr Özfidan said they help patients regain their health with the treatments they apply to patients who have had a stroke (stroke): “If the blood supply to a part of the brain is reduced or the connection is broken, a stroke that prevents the brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients. Brain cells begin to die within minutes of this stroke. After the stroke, temporary or permanent loss of function occurs in the region. Paralysis can be seen in a particular part of the body, or it can spread to the whole body.We can classify the stroke according to the region, the severity, the duration of the weakness and the degree of impact, and we can prepare a treatment plan accordingly.As for the symptoms of a stroke , it can occur with symptoms such as loss of sensation, decreased movement, difficulty speaking and understanding, vision problems, headaches, changes in consciousness, loss of control of urine and stool. Physiotherapeutic exercises are of great importance in patients who have had a stroke. We help patients get healthy again with the treatments we apply to patients who have had a stroke (stroke) in our hospital.”

“Going straight to the hospital after a stroke positively increases the recovery rate”

Mentioning that there are some risk factors that affect the occurrence of paralysis, physiotherapy and rehabilitation doctor Uzm. Dr. Erhan Özfidan, “Genetic factors for stroke, age, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes (diabetes), dietary habits, obesity are some of the risk factors. Applying to the hospital immediately after a stroke positively increases the recovery rate. For this, it is useful to submit an application to the nearest healthcare institution as soon as possible. In order for the paralyzed patients to return to their functions as soon as possible, we start the rehabilitation process in the company of our expert physiotherapists without wasting any time. While exercise is very important in the treatment we provide, age, comorbidities and family support are also very important. Thanks to the rehabilitation process we have implemented in our hospital, patients who have had a stroke cannot walk when they register at our hospital.

Talking about what is being done about stroke risk, Dr. Erhan Özfidan, “What should we do about the stroke risk of patients who register at our clinic? The questions come very often. Among the measures that can be taken against the risk of stroke, we can mention: an active lifestyle, drinking plenty of water, treating chronic diseases such as blood pressure, heart and diabetes, regularly taking medicines prescribed by doctors, not smoking, and losing weight for overweight people.

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