Flared Skirt Trend | His place in fashion and combination suggestions

The flared skirt trend is a kind of skirt that starts at the waist and ends at the bottom. It is one of the popular choices of women as it offers a stylish and feminine look and can be matched with different styles as it offers various options.

What is a flared skirt?

There are many different skirt models in the history of dresses, but the trend of flared skirts has become one of the most popular in recent years. Flared skirts are skirts that start at the waist and flare out to the bottom. This model takes its name from the French word “cloche”, which means “bell”.

The most distinctive feature of flared skirts is that their lower parts are wide. These wide hem folds allow the skirt to move as you move and accentuate the woman’s silhouette. The lengths of flared skirts can range from miniskirts to below the knee, and they can be made of different fabrics and produced in different colors.

The flared skirt trend has become a favorite of women as it reflects the retro style and offers a stylish, feminine look. While flared skirts are generally preferred for special occasions and events, they can be easily worn in everyday life if paired properly.

How do you wear a flared skirt?

Circular skirt

Flared skirts are among the hot trends of recent years and are preferred by many women. However, it is important to wear and style flared skirts correctly. Thanks to the right combinations of flared skirts, a stylish and feminine look can be achieved. So how should we wear flared skirts and what pieces should we pair them with?

First of all, it is very important to choose flared skirts in accordance with our body type. Flared skirts are an ideal option for women with wide hips, as they make the hips pop out more. In addition, women with a thin waist and long legs can easily wear flared skirts. If you have a straight body type, you can achieve a more feminine look by emphasizing your waist with flared skirts.

Shoes worn under flared skirts are also important. High-heeled shoes create a long-legged look and get a more harmonious look with flared skirts. However, for those who do not want to wear high heels, sneakers or flats can easily be preferred.

When combining flared skirts, the right balance must be struck with tops. You can balance it out by wearing a tight blouse or body under flared skirts. You can also combine flared skirts with denim jackets, blazers or coats. These combinations give a different look to flared skirts, giving you a sportier look.

Which pieces are combined with flared skirts?

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Flared skirts are among the hot trends of recent years and are preferred by many women. There are many pieces that can be paired with flared skirts. By choosing these pieces correctly, you can wear flared skirts in a stylish and trendy way. So which pieces pair with flared skirts?


Flared skirts and shirts are a very stylish combination. A button-down shirt or blouse balances out the feminine nature of the flared skirt, giving you a simpler and more minimalistic look.

t shirts

T-shirts with flared skirts create a more sporty look. Plain or printed T-shirts go perfectly with flared skirts.

Knitwear and sweaters

A stylish and warm look can be achieved when flared skirts are combined with thick knitwear or sweaters. These combinations can also easily become preferred in the winter months.


Coats with flared skirts are a stylish option for both the office and everyday life. Blazer jackets add a more professional look to flared skirts. Denim jackets, on the other hand, provide a sportier look.


Flared skirts and heels are a very stylish combination. Stilettos or platform shoes add a long-legged look to flared skirts, while flats or sneakers create a more relaxed look.


Accessories that are compatible with flared skirts complete your combination. You can use thin belts or large buckles, especially in flared skirts that emphasize the waist. A small bag or clutch completes your outfit.

Because of this, there are many pieces that can be combined with flared skirts. Shirts, T-shirts, knitwear and sweaters, jackets, shoes and accessories will help you create a harmonious combination with flared skirts. By choosing these pieces correctly, you can make flared skirts a suitable option for any style.

The place of flared skirts in the fashion world

Circular skirt

Flared skirts are a trend that has been around in the fashion world for many years. Flared skirts first became popular in the 1950s and have stuck in the women’s wardrobe ever since.

The place of flared skirts in the fashion world is important because they represent a feminine and elegant style. Flared skirts have a narrow cut at the waist and a wide cut at the bottom. This cut beautifully accentuates the body contours of women and creates a feminine look. Flared skirts are usually knee or midi length and offer an option for women of all ages.

The place of flared skirts in the fashion world can change in different ways each season. For example, in some seasons, flared skirts with more vibrant colors or patterns are preferred, while in other seasons, simpler colors and minimal patterns may be popular. Flared skirts are a versatile piece that goes with any style of dress.

The place of flared skirts in the fashion world also attracts the attention of designers. Flared skirts are often seen at fashion weeks and fashion shows. Designers create innovative combinations by using flared skirts with different fabrics and accessories and include these pieces in their collections.

In what sizes are flared skirts worn?

Flared skirts can be worn in different sizes depending on body type. These skirts usually have a narrow cut at the waist and a wide cut at the bottom, so it’s important to choose a size that fits your waist.

With which shoes are flared skirts worn?

Flared skirts can easily be combined with heels or flat-soled shoes. Heels can be chosen in different heights depending on the length of your hemline. Flat-soled shoes provide a more comfortable look.

In which seasons are flared skirts worn?

Flared skirts can be worn in all seasons. They can be combined with thick socks and boots in winter and with sandals or open shoes in summer.

What fabrics are flared skirts made of?

Flared skirts can be made with different types of fabric. Many types of fabrics such as cotton, velvet, leather, satin and tulle can be used in flared skirts. The choice of fabric may vary depending on how the flared skirt will look.

How to clean flared skirts?

Flared skirts may require different cleaning methods depending on the type of fabric. In general, the washing instructions for flared skirts are listed on the fabric label. Dry cleaning is recommended for delicate fabrics, while durable fabrics can be hand or machine washed.

In what situations can flared skirts be worn?

Flared skirts can be worn on different occasions. They can be worn on special occasions, business meetings, everyday life and even weddings. Flared skirts provide a stylish look in any situation with the right combinations.

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