Follow these steps as YKS approaches

There are few days for the Higher Education Institutions (YKS) exam, while some candidates are more stressed, while some candidates can pass the process more easily. Psychologist Gamze Gülsoy of the Moodist Hospital states that the reason for this difference is mainly individual differences.

“Stress is contagious”

Psychologist Gamze Gülsoy argues that stress is a contagious feeling and states that families can also feel stressed during the exam process, but the degree of this stress is important. Gülsoy continues: “The family should improve their ability to cope with stress, if necessary they should receive expert support in this area. They must be aware of the limits of their children’s lives. They should provide positive feedback about the child’s success and strengths, be sensitive in their speeches about the exam, and keep their expectations realistic. Children should not be compared to their peers. Making comparisons will arouse the child’s sense of inadequacy. It is very important to share feelings and thoughts and build empathy. It will be important not to glorify the exam, not to make a life and death issue and to be encouraging.”

“Don’t get carried away by unrealistic feelings”

Psychologist Gamze Gülsoy states that everyone’s stress about the exam differs and that the meaning assigned to the exam can increase exam stress. Gülsoy continues: “High levels of anxiety will negatively affect performance. Candidates who experience stress about the exam should know that they are not alone. Instead of trying to suppress exam stress in the first place, it’s helpful to accept it. It is necessary to recognize the feeling of stress and think about its causes. It is necessary to re-evaluate unrealistic thinking habits from a different perspective. In summary, the student needs to re-evaluate unrealistic thoughts such as “if I fail the exam, it will be the end of my life”. For example, alternative thoughts should be developed, such as “no exam is the end of life, I will do my best”. Techniques such as breathing exercises, relaxation exercises and focusing attention on other points can be used for this.”

Recommendations of child and youth psychologist Gamze Gülsoy to comfort the candidates:

A few days before the exam:

1. You should stop class and try to get enough oxygen: it will be good for you to try to do the activities you love with the people you love, in an environment with plenty of oxygen that makes you feel good feels and relaxes.
2. Pay attention to a high-protein and low-fat diet: Healthy eating is very important for everything. Before the exam, try preparing meals that focus on protein, with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid heavy, fatty foods. Such foods can affect your metabolism and decrease your performance.
3. Relax: The nights before the exam, watch your sleep patterns by not going to sleep too late, which will shorten screen time before bed. If you have trouble falling asleep due to anxiety, it is good to do breathing exercises with soothing music.

exam day:

1. You should eat an energizing breakfast: Try to have a nutritious energizing breakfast as you always eat it.
2. Calculate the traffic pressure properly: If you go home with your own car, you should leave the house taking into account the traffic pressure.
3. Do not forget the documents required for the exam: Make sure you have your documents such as identity card, admission ticket with you.

At the time of the exam:

1. Use all the time: Try to make full use of the given exam time.
2. Skip the question you’re stuck on: Stuck in questions during the exam, etc. know it’s temporary if you’re alive. Continue the exam by ticking the question you are stuck on. Coming back to the question you’re stuck with and thinking about it will make it easier for you to come to the solution.
3. Breathe: If you feel excited during the exam, change your sitting position, straighten your shoulders, lean back. Breathe between questions. These breathing exercises will relax your muscles and help you.

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