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To get rid of forgetfulness, train the brain and strengthen memory, certain foods should be consumed regularly. Let’s explore together what these foods are. Consume fish If you want to have a clear working memory, do not forget to include healthy fats in your diet. Because; A large part of the brain is made up of fat. Omega-3 fatty acids are at the top of the list of essential oils for the brain. Oily fish in particular is very rich in omega-3, which strengthens memory, increases concentration, prevents forgetfulness and at the same time reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna are good choices in this regard. Remember to eat fish at least 2-3 times a week. Add eggs to your diet Eggs are the most valuable and strongest source of protein after breast milk.

Eggs, which are high in B-group vitamins, selenium and vitamin D, are rich in two important substances that boost memory. One is choline and the other is omega-3. Both are substances that support, protect and strengthen memory. Due to these beneficial properties, do not forget to include eggs in your daily diet. Don’t give up grains Vitamin E is one of the most important antioxidant vitamins that affect memory ability. Cereals are very rich in this vitamin. Bulgur, buckwheat, rye and oats are quite easy to obtain in our country, which is rich in grains in all seasons. Adding grains to your daily diet can boost your brain power and protect your memory. Make room for red-colored fruits in your menu. Dark red-colored fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, plums, raspberries, blackberries, pomegranates protect the brain from free radical damage and strengthen the memory center, thanks to the antioxidants they contain. Red grapes, pink grapefruit, oranges (blood oranges) and red apples also preserve memory thanks to the vitamins A and C they contain. Walnut is a memory aid. With its skull-like hard shell, the thin membrane on top and its curved structure, it is reminiscent of the walnut brain. Walnut is indeed a complete brain booster that goes beyond this interesting similarity. It is an excellent nutrient for our nervous system due to the OMEGA-3 fatty acid, vitamin E and B6 it contains. 2 whole walnuts eaten daily will help refresh your memory, eliminate forgetfulness and increase your concentration. In the meantime; 70-75% of our brain is made up of water. Lack of water consumption during the day negatively affects memory capacity. Make sure you drink enough water during the day to strengthen your memory, increase your concentration and think quickly. Eat healthy, get plenty of exercise, manage stress, think carefully and slow down. These components will brighten up your memory and prevent you from forgetting.

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