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The incidence of the disease increased with the cooling of the weather. With the opening of schools, diseases began to become a terrifying dream. What foods should we pay attention to so as not to affect school success by preventing our children from getting sick and to protect us from colds as adults?

Jujube, also known as Chinese date, is the best food that strengthens the immune system because it contains 20 times more antioxidants than an orange and 100 times more than an apple. Containing zinc mineral strengthens the body. It is also effective in weight loss with this feature. With its low glycemic index, it is one of the healthiest fruits for diabetics to consume. The gut is the control center of our immune system. The rich fiber content regulates the flora by increasing the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut and preventing colds. It is important in nutrition for school age children with its memory enhancing and satiating property. It should be added to lunch boxes.

Yoghurt Probiotics strengthen our body’s defense mechanism by increasing the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Studies have shown that regular yogurt consumption shortens the duration of the disease by 20%. It also contains zinc mineral, strengthens the body’s protective shield.

Turmeric contains valuable vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium, B6, vitamin C. Iron strengthens the immune system by ensuring the formation of new blood cells. It is also very important in children’s diets as it carries oxygen to the cells. In addition, ‘curcumin’ in turmeric is a natural polyphenol and prevents cell breakdown. It protects the body from diseases with its strong antioxidant properties. Mushrooms Increase the production of white blood cells, which are the guardians of the body’s immune system, and increase resistance to disease. In addition, the protein content is sufficient to replace red meat. Since proteins carry antigenic properties and ensure cell regeneration, they are important in the daily diet and in the diet in diseases. Due to the presence of many poisonous species, cultivated mushrooms may be preferred for consumption.

Fish, Almond Almond strengthens the immune system thanks to its zinc and omega-3 content. Fish also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which protect the body against disease. It is very important for children’s brain development and strengthening their memory. Almonds should certainly not be missing in the lunch box.

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