Foot and mouth disease is transmitted to humans through breathing and contact.

prof. Dr. Özpınar said: “This virus can remain in the blood, bone marrow, lymph and internal organs for a long time without losing its effect. It is reported to live up to 5 months, especially in hay, hay and feed. The virus can be quickly transmitted to other animals through saliva, milk, semen and skin of infected animals, as well as through the air. said.

Claiming that this disease is called foot and mouth disease in English and German, the symptoms in animals include fever, loss of appetite, decreased milk and meat yield, as well as blisters in the mouth, nose and feet. Dr. Özpınar said: “The vesicles burst and cause large ulcerative wounds in the regions where they are located. If the environment is bad with viral diseases, bacteria can also play a role as a secondary infection and mastitis and foot diseases can quickly appear. used the sentences.

“Foot and mouth disease is a disease that is transmitted from animals to humans”

Stating that foot and mouth disease is a disease that spreads very quickly, just like the coronavirus, and causes economic losses due to low productivity due to rapid contamination of animals, Prof. Dr. Özpınar said: “Therefore; In the event of illness, it is mandatory to report and apply quarantine. Animal mobility is never allowed. In general, sick animals are destroyed by burning and burial.” He emphasized the importance of the disease.

Claiming that the disease is a zoonosis, that is, a disease that is transmitted from animals to humans, Prof. Dr. Özpınar said, “Being in the zoonotic group, it shows that it is also transmitted to humans. It is transmitted to humans through direct hand-to-chest or animal contact. It does not cause significant disease in humans. It causes the formation of vesicles in the oral mucosa and tongue in humans.” said.

“Livestock farming could end up in an economic crisis due to the disease”

Noting that the animals with foot and mouth disease lose weight rapidly and enter a cachectic state, and the milk yield of animals decreases in the lactation period. Dr. Özpınar said: “Because it is a notifiable disease, animals should be quarantined and slaughtered and destroyed. The most important thing is that livestock farming has ended up in a major economic crisis due to the disease. If the meat of animals caught in alum is kept for 24 hours and the milk is pasteurized, the foot and mouth disease virus will die. The greatest danger may be that animals are sent to slaughterhouses for slaughter and used in the production of meat and bone meal without informing the owners of this disease, which is mandatory to report. It has been reported that this virus can survive for long periods in meat and bone meal and carries the risk of re-infecting animals. Therefore, it is imperative that the disease is controlled.” used the sentences.

“Vaccination and awareness of people are essential to prevent disease”

Underlining that there is no known treatment method in viral diseases, it is necessary to develop a vaccine against the established antigen, that is, to develop antibodies. Dr Özpınar said: “Whatever variant of the foot-and-mouth disease virus causing the disease has been discovered, a vaccine that is effective against that variant and others must be developed and administered to animals every six months. In addition, it is important to check the entrances and exits of the stables, to sensitize the people who work in the stables against this disease and to consult the vet quickly in case of symptoms of this disease. said.

Noting that livestock farms in Turkey are small-scale family businesses, livestock farming is generally carried out unconsciously and some necessary measures are not taken, Prof. Dr. Özpınar added the following: “Due to the unconsciousness and lack of precautions regarding livestock farming in our country, some viral diseases, especially foot and mouth disease and brucella, can occur. The health of the animals is guaranteed if the stables meet hygienic conditions, the feed used is clean and of high quality and the vaccinations have been carried out. People who eat healthy animal products become healthier. As we have seen in the corona epidemic, many diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans. The importance of this issue is increasing due to the increase in technological possibilities and the diagnosis of new types of viruses. For a good and quality life, it has become mandatory to raise and control animals in a healthy environment. Otherwise, both viral and bacterial diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans, and we can contract diseases even from the consumption of unhealthy animal products.”

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