For therapeutic support of earthquake victims, the acute period must be over.

He began his words by saying, “We were shot twice in the heart on February 6,” said Dr. Yavuz said: “There was a great devastation in 10 provinces in a row. Nobody predicted such a big earthquake. First of all, psychological support is absolutely necessary. We must be able to organize psychological help as well as financial help. Trust.” is a very important issue in human life. Mental support. We must organize aid campaigns for those who have lost their homes and relatives. People in 10 provinces have experienced a traumatic situation. There are people who have lost their arms and legs. There are children who see this. There are no relatives who survived. The effects of trauma are not understood for the first few days. 10 They appear one day, 1 month later. We must teach people to increase their motivation and to hold on to life so that they do not turn into cases of severe depression that can lead to suicide. Psychological support is more important, especially for people who experienced the earthquake, witnessed the earthquake, were rescued from the rubble and had a family member under the rubble. psychosocial support is very important. Therapy support is not very accurate in the first days of such trauma. First of all, the acute period must be over. After the acute period has passed, therapy programs begin. In this period, psychosocial support is first and foremost important. To ensure that children are not affected by these traumas, I personally think that suitable families should be adopted instead of dormitories and kindergartens, or everyone should embrace and support their relatives, spouses and friends,” he said.

‘We have to stay away from bad scenarios’

Mehmet Yavuz said that we are in a period where people need to be calmed down: “We need to avoid individual bad scenarios. We need to stop competing with criticism, grief and complaints. We all need to think about what problem we can solve and how we can who can support. Of course, this process will not end soon, people living in other cities. They can send their support. We must stop complaining and increase support even more. Where and how they will find temporary shelter is a very important problem for earthquake victims. Where will people who have lost their homes live? We cannot expect anyone in this situation to immediately raise their morale. It would be merciless to expect them to be happy, but if we say that for earthquake victims I It’s also not good to constantly ask your guests what’s going on in your house. Don’t force the people you receive to tell the same stories all the time, and if they repeat the same story over and over, listen with understanding. Let them do as they feel comfortable for a while. A person coming out of the earthquake may want to quit for days, or he will immediately start building his new life. These vary from person to person. No one should be forced. Trust is a very fundamental issue in human life. Only with this confidence can we avoid all disaster scenarios, conspiracy theories and thus paranoid. What have we seen here? Turks believe they can handle any challenge. We have a very sensitive people towards others. This unity and the attitude of famous and famous people, artists, business people, helpful and philanthropic people warmed our hearts. But images of beatings and looting of aid convoys damaged internal confidence. In addition, xenophobia began to emerge, which must always be managed very well. Those calling for those coming from this country to leave should think about the situation of Turkish citizens living abroad and show some empathy. I think those who come to our country should not give the appearance of a gang-like gang, and those who act like gangs should be immediately expelled from the country,” he said.

“Earthquake experts have to be very careful when giving messages, taking into account the psychology of the public.”

Dr. About earthquake experts, Yavuz said: “From the first day of the earthquake, our earthquake experts and friends were often invited to television. Of course, after the earthquake, especially after such devastating earthquakes, our people are very curious about where and how another earthquake could happen. In such cases, it is of course very good behavior for earthquake experts to warn our people based on place and time, and to make an effort to take precautions. I appreciate that too. The fact that many earthquake experts are constantly talking about the earthquake on every channel and commenting that from now on there will be an earthquake at this point, there will be such destruction, further increases our current high anxiety. For this reason, our earthquake experts have to be very careful in giving messages considering the psychological state of the people. Anyway, let’s not make our people even more sick, who have depression and panic disorder, which is potentially a serious illness. That is why they have to pass on the scientific data they have in particular to the state administrators or municipal officials. Constantly expressing these things by our people raises too many concerns in people and society. Traumas can manifest in two ways, especially for humans, for us. First of all, these traumas are charged on the subconscious of people. The brain forgets, but the body does not. The after-effects of trauma are expressed in physical reactions. These are more like panic attacks. Chronic physical reactions can occur much later. It is necessary to pay attention to the problems that will affect our people, especially in the news of such earthquakes, so that they are not seen in different ways over the years. A word to say subconsciously registers and creates a disease position for the person for years. For this reason, we have come to a point where everyone has to watch what they say.”

“There is no such thing as psychologists going to the field and starting therapies right away”

Mehmet Yavuz, regarding the timing of the therapies to be given to earthquake victims, said: “First of all, no therapy positions are applied in the acute period before these traumas are identified. More psychosocial support is provided. After the acute period , therapy methods according to the tram are beginning to be adopted. Therefore, it is as if psychologists immediately go to the area and start therapies. For this reason, our psychologists and sociologists must provide psychosocial support, help people. Like the Turks people, we are a helpful nation The devastating effects of this earthquake are enormous, but our compassion and mercy are too great. I hope we can overcome this. We will come.”

“I think it is necessary to return to sports activities”

Referring to the effect of the start of sports activities on human psychology after the earthquake, Yavuz said: “This has both positive and negative aspects. As human beings, we experienced a very sad and devastating earthquake. We feel this in our hearts, but our people need to get back to their routine as soon as possible. Leaving her alone makes her feel that pain more. Now we need to get back to the routine gradually. Things that keep people busy, like football games, is an activity that keeps people busy. That’s why we will always feel this pain in our hearts from now on but on the other hand we will return to normalization efforts and as soon as possible I believe a return to such sporting activities is necessary While we carry out our aid duties at the highest possible level we must also trying to divert our people’s mind from the earthquake it doesn’t mean the aid will stop we will all help and under support, but now their thoughts are elsewhere. we must take. Otherwise, our people will be more affected psychologically. The accounts of these psychological influences do not appear immediately. It can come off years later and persist for years. Therefore, the mental health of our society is very important to us,” he said.

Mehmet Yavuz said that it would be very beneficial for earthquake victims to participate in sports activities for free this year and said: “The television channel that broadcasts these sports activities live can give the games to the cities in the disaster area for free. Our people who living in those provinces can watch football matches or other sports activities for free.” This kind of help and support will certainly be very important for the people of the region to take the mind off the earthquake victims.”

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