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Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Dr. Ömer Demirtaş answered frequently asked questions about pregnancy. Dr Demirtaş said: “Pregnant women first come to us with delayed menstruation, groin pain, nausea, weakness, tendency to sleep or vaginal bleeding. A Beta HCG value of 5 and above in the blood means that pregnancy has started. When this value is 2000 and above, the risk of an ectopic pregnancy is usually eliminated by checking the gestational sac in the uterus. Around 7-8 weeks, the heartbeat should be heard. We monitor the progress of the pregnancy up to 32 weeks on a monthly basis. After every 2 weeks between 32-38, follow-ups become more frequent weekly. Those experiencing their first pregnancy naturally have some anxiety and many questions.

We tell them how normal pregnancy complaints are and tell them to follow up and contact us in case of any unusual situation so that we can comfort them and make the pregnancy process go smoothly. If the pregnancy progresses in a healthy manner, the patient does not fall into the high-risk pregnancy category and there is no condition that will impede quality of life, travel, sexual intercourse (provided there is no ejaculation), and exercise. harm the pregnancy. Especially since the first 12 weeks are the week with the most pregnancy losses, it’s imperative to steer clear of anything suspicious by paying a little more attention during these weeks. In general, in 8-12 weeks, to my patients discussing whether I should exercise or work: “How do you feel when you exercise or work?”, “Is there a situation that affects your quality of life?”, ” Is there any bleeding?” I ask questions. If there is no problem with these questions I have asked, I will tell him to continue his life normally. I didn’t see any negative feedback from the patients I told this to. I don’t think such activities are a problem for pregnant women unless there is a high-risk pregnancy situation.

“The baby’s insulin secretion begins to develop at 12 weeks”

One of the most frequently asked questions during pregnancy is, “Should sugar be loaded during pregnancy?” Answer the question, Assoc. Dr Ömer Demirtaş said: “The sugar load test is a test that has been used for many years. So far there is no information that it is harmful. The baby’s insulin secretion begins to develop at 12 weeks. If we compare the value and amount of sugar, this corresponds to 2-3 slices of baklava. Anyway, pay attention to the amount of sugar you buy here, you get more than bread, sugar, candy. For this sugar load to be harmful, it has to be passed directly to the baby, which is not possible. The ingested nutrients pass through the liver, are kept at a certain value in the blood and from there go to the baby. There is no such thing as an immediate transfer to the baby and making the baby diabetic, in the sugar load test. To date, we have not encountered any pregnant women or babies who suffered from sugar overload. Since it was not noticed in the babies of pregnant women who were not full of sugar, there were situations such as overweight and too much water in the baby.

Babies born to mothers with uncontrolled gestational diabetes who do not have this test may have poor lung development because early precautions are not taken, and problems may arise. Because the insulin secretion is too much in those babies. This weakens lung development and increases birth complications because insulin produces growth hormone in the baby in the womb. Sugar overload is not a test to fear. It is important to prevent future problems and take precautions for the health of the baby and the mother. In our hospital we carry out the pregnancy and delivery process in a healthy way with the approach in other branches if necessary.

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