From adolescence, sport protects against osteoporosis.

Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Doctor Prof. Dr. Meral Kozakçıoğlu stated that osteoporosis, that is, osteoporosis, as it is called among the people, is a condition that occurs in women and men as they age and said: “However, since bone density is higher in men than in women, it occurs in men later in life. The type that occurs in men is nerve osteoporosis after age 75. defined as.” Prof. Dr. Kozakçıoğlu stated that bone resorption in women starts gradually from the premenopausal period and said: “Bone resorption mainly starts in premenopausal women, from the age of 40 and 45 years. It is slower in some women and faster in some women. “


Prof. Dr. Kozakçıoğlu explained why the problem of osteoporosis arose as follows: “Osteoporosis is a condition in which the mineral and matrix of the bone decrease in equal proportions and fall below their normal values, and the risk of fracture increases and occurs accordingly As age progresses, bone destruction results in a net loss of bone by outpacing bone formation.Many reasons have been cited for this loss, from the insufficiency of osteoblasts to deficiency of calcium and vitamin D, from hormonal factors to decreased physical activity. “The reason is the decrease in the calcium ratio in the bone. If left untreated, there will be a further decrease and the bone can break out of nowhere.”


PROF. Noting that bone fractures also threaten women the most, Kozakçıoğlu said: “Because there is rapid bone loss in women from the pre-menopausal period, osteoporosis-related fractures are mostly seen in women. When the calcium ratio in the bones gradually decreases, the bones become more fragile and if there is no treatment they stop. Even broken bones can be broken. Bone fractures in osteoporosis are usually seen in the back and hip joints. Strong back muscles and leg muscles play a very important role in preventing osteoporosis,” he said .


Emphasizing that bone lysis is evident with some findings, Prof. Dr. Kozakçıoğlu stated the following information: “For example, pain occurs. First of all, there may be pain in the wrists, ankles and back. There may also be pain in the hips. pain is also a posture disorder a symptom Normally a person’s posture is upright and straight However in osteoporosis a curvature begins A shortening of stature occurs with a curvature In this posture disorder the ribs also go in and become their intervals become narrower, so this has a negative effect on the heart and lungs in the future.”

EVERY DAY a glass of milk or a bowl of yogurt

PROF. Dr. Kozakçıoğlu stated that diet plays an important role in preventing osteoporosis and made the following suggestions.

Alcohol, smoking, excessive consumption of coffee and some drugs increase the formation of osteoporosis.

Between the ages of 30 and 40, 1000-1200 mg of calcium per day is needed. Since there are 200-250mg of calcium in a glass of milk and 250mg of calcium in a bowl of yogurt, we can get about 1000mg of calcium every day by eating a glass of milk, a bowl of yogurt and green tea. vegetables.
Get lots of sun.


Pof. Dr. Kozakçıoğlu said: “Actually, it is necessary to protect against osteoporosis from adolescence. Because we know that we can increase the balance between bone formation and breakdown in favor of production up to the age of 30. Therefore, it is necessary to develop programs to make for this during the developmental period.” It should be planned by the family as nutrition and sports, and the school should pay attention to certain things and encourage certain sports. For example, we can point children to sports such as basketball, volleyball and running that will prevent osteoporosis in the future. This is how we prepare the bones for the coming years by being stronger.”

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