Fur Fashion | Suggestions for history and combinations

Fur fashion trends consist of various elements such as vibrant colors, large collars, asymmetrical cuts, quilted fur and animal patterns. These trends will add elegance and modernity to the wardrobes of fur lovers and will shape the fur trends in the fashion world.

History of fur fashion

Fur, one of the first materials used to make clothing, has been worn by humans for thousands of years. Fur, which is used to keep warm in cold weather in winter, has also held an important place in the fashion world since ancient times.

Fur clothing has been used to respond to human needs since the first centuries of history. The first reason to wear fur is its use as a protective material. People wore fur to keep warm during the cold winter months. The earliest evidence in the history of fur clothing can be seen in cave paintings from the Paleolithic period.

Fur clothing also gained popularity during the Roman Empire. The Roman nobility preferred fur, a more luxurious and expensive material, to wool. In the Middle Ages, fur clothing became a symbol of luxury that only the nobility and wealthy could afford. Fur clothing was accepted as a status symbol during this period.

In the 16th century, fur clothing gained enormous popularity, especially in Europe. The monks in Northern Europe realized that furs were expensive and valuable and started to trade. Russia has become one of the largest players in the fur trade. High-quality furs are produced in Russia, such as sable, lynx and fox. This fur was bought and worn by aristocrats in Europe.

Fur clothing became even more popular in the early 17th century. In the 1920s, fur gained popularity, especially among women. Hollywood stars made fur clothing even more common. Fur clothing at that time was associated with luxury, wealth and fashion sensitivity.

Fur clothing industry

Fur Fashion

The fur clothing industry is a broad field that includes the production, processing, marketing and sale of furs. This industry is active in many countries around the world and has an economic value of billions of dollars.

The fur clothing industry starts with fur production. Fur is usually obtained from the skins of animals such as foxes, lynxes, raccoons, rabbits, beavers and sables. Fur is criticized by animal rights activists as being obtained by killing animals. However, some manufacturers try to prevent animal suffering by producing animal-friendly fur.

The fur clothing industry also includes fur processing. The fur is first separated from the feathers, then processed and finally sewn. Various methods are used in fur processing to improve the quality, softness and durability of the fur.

The fur clothing industry also plays a major role in the marketing and sales stage. Fur clothing manufacturers organize various advertising campaigns and fashion shows to promote their furs to customers. Fur clothing products are usually sold in luxury stores and attract attention with their high prices.

In recent years, however, animal rights advocates have increased their criticism of the fur clothing industry. Animals used in fur clothing production are often bred and suffer harsh conditions. For this reason, the production of fur clothing is banned or restricted in some countries.

Fashion trends in fur

Fur Fashion

Fur fashion has trends that change every year. Trends in the fashion world are the source of ideas that fur designers use to make their furs innovative and stylish.

Vitality in colors

Vibrant colors will come to the fore in fur fashion. Fur becomes much more stylish with striking colors such as orange, purple, pink and blue. This trend allows fur designers to create bold and fun designs.

Large collar

The large collar is becoming an important trend in fur coats and cloaks. This trend makes fur coats and coats even more stylish. The large collar can be used on both women’s and men’s fur coats and jackets and is a suitable option for any style.

Asymmetric cuts

Asymmetrical cuts are one of the most used fur designers in their collections. With this trend, fur coats and cloaks take on a much more dynamic and modern look. Asymmetrical cuts are usually designed to be longer in the front and shorter in the back.

Padded coat

Quilted fur is becoming a major trend in fur fashion. This trend creates a modern and sophisticated look in fur coats and cloaks. Quilted fur can be used in both solid and vibrant colors and is a viable option for any style.

Animal Patterns

Animal patterns are one of the most popular patterns in fur fashion. Different patterns like zebra, leopard and snake patterns will be used in fur coats and jackets. This trend makes fur coats and coats bolder and more stylish.

Combining fur clothing?

Fur fashion

Although fur clothing is a style that exudes elegance and luxury, it can create the wrong effect if not combined in the right way. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to some tips when combining fur clothing products. In this article, we will help you achieve a stylish look with the right combinations by answering the question of how to combine fur clothing.

Can be combined with a fur coat/jacket

Fur coats or cloaks are easy to combine with other clothes. You can get a more comfortable style by wearing fur coats and jackets with jeans and sneakers. You can also create a more formal style by wearing a fur coat or jacket with a plain dress or skirt.

Combine with fur shawl/scarf

Fur scarves or scarves can complement your clothing style, as can other accessories. You can emphasize the colors and patterns of the coat by wearing fur scarves or scarves with a plain sweater, coat or jacket. You can also achieve a more sophisticated look by opting for a fur shawl or scarf in a color that matches your fur coat or jacket.

Combine with a fur dress

Fur dresses are a stylish option that you can wear for special events or invitations. By completing fur dresses with a simple necklace and earrings, you emphasize the luxurious and refined effect of fur. You can also get a more feminine style by combining the fur dress with plain heels.

Combine with fur pants

Fur pants are a warm and stylish option, especially in winter. You can get a simpler look by wearing fur pants with solid colored blouses or shirts. You can also combine fur pants with a fur coat or jacket for a more sophisticated look.

Why is fur so expensive?

Fur is more expensive than other materials because it is a very labor intensive material to obtain and process. Also, prices can be high as the fur clothing industry is involved in the luxury clothing market.

Is the warmth of the coat really impressive?

Yes, because fur is a natural insulating material, it keeps you warmer than other materials. For this reason, fur clothing may be preferable, especially in cold climates.

How to store fur clothes?

Fur clothing can be damaged if not stored properly. Fur clothing should be stored hanging in a ventilated closet, away from humid environments. Also, no perfumes or other chemicals may be sprayed on fur clothing.

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